Seahawks Could Trade Draft Pick to Bills or Broncos

Kyle MooreContributor IApril 19, 2009

The Seahawks are looking to trade their pick.

The most logical trading parteners seem to be the Denver Broncos and the Buffalo Bills.  

Since the Bills—who have the 11th and 28th pick—traded Jason Peters, they need an immediate-impact lineman, like early-round hopefuls Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith. If the Bills were able to make the trade with Seattle, it would benefit the Seahakws, too.

Seattle can then draft Aaron Maybin or Everette Brown, both of whom can play outside linebacker and defensive end, making them a perfect fit for the Seahawks.

Then with their 28th pick, they should select a cornerback or wide receiver. That would be a perfect fit for both teams. I say the Broncos are the best choice, as they're trying to trade with Seattle so they can get Sanchez or Stafford.

The Broncos will have the 12th and the 18th pick. While the Broncos could potentially solve their QB problem with the trade, Seattle could, again, draft Aaron Maybin or Everette Brown, and with the 18th pick try to get Darrius-Heyward-Bey or Vontae Davis.

In the above scenario, the Seahawks would take care of their cornerback problems and their depth at wide receiver. The Broncos could take care of their QB problems, and the Bills could take care of their offensive linemen issues.

If you're a Seahawks fan, you're probably wondering about their own gaps at lineman and quarterback. Well, the Seahawks couls select in lineman in a later round, and the QB there is still more talented than just Pat, Stafford, Sanches, or Freeman.

If they don't draft one this year and Hasselbeck gets hurt, there is a better QB class next year, and they can have Wallace. That's all—I'm out.