Kobe Bryant: Ego-Superstar

Michael GrosfeldContributor IApril 2, 2008

I am a fan of Kobe and would be the first to say he is the best individual player in the league. (Lebron James might be one day, but not quite yet.)

He might even be as good as or better than Jordan if he was a team player, but damn, does the man have an ego that can’t be contained inside the Staples Center.

Let’s not talk rape allegations or even about how he resists passing as much as possible.  Let’s talk about his complete and utter disrespect for the officials. 

Nearly every call is contested and when things don’t go his way—like contesting a call ever would—he sometimes decides to act like a child kicking the ball in frustration. 

I guess that could be the result of not being raised in a normal public school system or the praise he has received for his un-debatable skill, but either way the man (or boy) has some of the worst sportsman-like conduct in the NBA.

Now does he deserve MVP?  For this year, no, but for his career, yes.

It has been stolen from him in the past.  He may be having a great year, but he doesn’t represent the league in a positive light. 

I guess, though, MVP does stand for Most Valuable Player, and from a pure skill and talent perspective he is the Most Valuable Player in the league this year.

But are skill and talent the only things that should be judged for MVP?

I say lets give him the MVP this year and never again, because yes he has and does deserve it for his career and this season.  After he has received it once I think we can forget judging him solely on talent and judge his overall sportsman-like performance.  Once that has taken place there is no way he would be considered MVP.

MVP is sure to boost his ego even more, so I am saying it here and now: To try to even out his ego size, I am awarding Kobe with BLB award, otherwise known as the Biggest Little Bitch award. 

Lets just see how the ego-superstar feels about that.