Metta World Peace's Post-Surgery Twitter Rant Was Many Things

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Metta World Peace's Post-Surgery Twitter Rant Was Many Things

Metta World Peace underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee, and he'll be out of action for the next six weeks. However, the most interesting story is what happened to World Peace's Twitter account following his surgery.

In short, it was weird, sentimental, almost insightful and at times totally incoherent. The only difficult part was trying to differentiate between which tweets were the result of the anesthetic he was on, and which were just Metta being Metta.

Initially, he sent out a few shots of himself through his Instagram getting prepped to be cut open with a simple message.

Via Instagram, theronandmettashow

From there it started to get weird. Metta sent a video over to Comedy Central that was nothing more than him babbling about being "drunk" while coming down from his anesthesia.

Moving forward, World Peace gave away a few tickets to a movie, and advocated the Lakers' fitness challenge.

After philanthropic, community-oriented Metta, he went back to being completely out there.

I'm not sure whether or not he ever got the answer about the flower, but nobody ever did guess "who" he was, mostly because he was less of a "who" and more of a "what."

Most strange was that he tossed out another tweet just a few minutes following that last one telling everyone that he was out of it after his surgery.

This made it all incredibly hard to figure out what was tweeted because of the anesthetic, and what was tweeted because he just a weird dude in general.

That's one of those questions for which the world will never have an answer.

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