Right Now Is a Time for Us Wrestling Writers To Keep Our Mouths Shut

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIApril 19, 2009

You would think that being one of the most opinionated wrestling writers (especially when it comes to Randy Orton) would motivate me to encourage personal opinion more so than to encourage all of us to keep our opinions to ourselves.

Normally, I'd suggest that all of us air our own theoretical scenarios around the time before Backlash. Usually, I would make a bold prediction in the hopes that when my theory acted itself out, I would look like the brilliant one.

But this is no normal time. There's nothing usual about what could potentially be in the works.

I have no idea whether or not our Bleacher Report articles have any effect on the WWE's creative process, but if they do, now is the time to let the WWE writers come through.

I have my own theories about what's going to happen this coming Raw and what will happen at the Royal Rumble. It is because of those theories that I choose not to share my opinion.

The last thing I would want to see happen would be for us Bleacher Report writers to bring too much attention to the possibility of a great Backlash ending, only to have the creative team throw us a curveball just to prove that we cannot predict their product.

After Backlash, I will write as much as I like. But for those of you who might have been wondering why there have not been any Ryan Michael articles over the past few weeks, now you know why.