LeBron James' Most Rim-Rattling Dunks So Far This Season

Eric EdelmanCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2013

LeBron James' Most Rim-Rattling Dunks So Far This Season

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    LeBron James is a unique mix of practicality and panache—a dazzling entertainer who gets the job done thanks to his combination of skill and athleticism.

    Only a handful of players in the league come close to matching his unique skill set, and even fewer are capable of executing the types of finishes he does when he takes it to the rack.

    Now, with the regular season starting to wind down, it's time we recognize the eight most impressive dunks he's thrown down this season. 

LeBron's Between-the-Legs Pregame Slam

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    If you've never had the good fortune of seeing a Miami Heat game live at the American Airlines Arena, well, you're missing out. 

    Rather than pregame shooting drills or layups, LeBron opts for putting on a routine that would seem more at home at a dunk contest. He's thrown down plenty of incredible pregame slams this season, but few were as dynamic as this one.

LeBron's Blow-by Tomahawk

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    LeBron's patented tomahawk is as simple as it is ferocious. When he's going full speed down the lane, he's like a runaway freight train, and you can bet that there isn't anybody in the league capable of stopping him.

    Defensive anchor Tyson Chandler can only flail his arm in a vain attempt at stopping the L Train, and to no one's surprise, LeBron practically obliterates the rim with a furious finish. 

Bron Welcomes John Henson to the NBA

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    Generous salary aside, being a rookie in the NBA is tough.

    From the demoralizing hazing rituals and difficulty of adjusting to the pro game, it isn't an easy task.

    Well, LeBron James makes the rookie transition all the more difficult for Milwaukee Bucks rook, John Henson. LBJ takes Henson off the bounce and goes baseline to finish with a nasty reverse dunk that leaves Henson posterized. 

LBJ Finishes off the Lob from Chalmers

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    There's always a good chance LeBron is going to finish the lob no matter the degree of the difficulty, but when he gets a perfect setup it's almost too easy.

    After deflecting an errant pass, Mario Chalmers flies down the court and floats up a beautifully set up lob allowing Bron to do what he does best in transition.

LeBron's Reverse Alley-Oop

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    Part of what makes Miami's perimeter attack so frightening for its opponents is the perfect synergy between Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Both are athletic freaks of nature, so as soon as they're going full speed in transition, you know some magic is about to happen above the rim.

    Following a horrible turnover by Tyreke Evans, Wade and James streak downcourt after Chris Bosh delivers the outlet pass. After a mad dash, Wade throws up a perfect pass that allows 'Bron to finish with a furious reverse slam that looks like something out of NBA 2K13

LeBron's Monster Flush Against the Lakers

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    The Miami Heat have two solid wins against the Los Angeles Lakers this season, and both are in due in large part to LeBron's big-time performances. In both outings LeBron scored at least 30 points, and he also mesmerized fans with some incredible plays.

    One of his most vicious slams in the two-game series was against LA in their first matchup of the season in Miami. Two of his 39 points came with less than four minutes in the fourth quarter after he snatched an ill-advised entry pass from Steve Nash. His monster finish on the other end sealed the deal for Los Angeles, and it certainly spoke to the dominance LeBron imposed against Lakeshow all game long.

LeBron's Dagger-Like Dunk Against NY

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    In Shakespeare's famed plays, daggers felled king and commoner alike in morbid fashion. In basketball, daggers exist in a proverbial sense. The dagger in basketball is whenever an opponent scores a basket to create an insurmountable deficit with time ticking away, and it is a horrible, hopeless feeling. J.R. Smith learned of this all too well.

    LeBron did his best Brutus impression, and delivered a catastrophic death-blow to the Knicks' chances this game after Smith's lazy attempt to Carmelo Anthony was intercepted by none other than Bron Bron himself. Melo could do nothing but slump over in frustration as LeBron hammers home a thunderous slam to cap off Miami's first win against the Knicks this season. 

LeBron Grounds the Jet

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    Arguably the dunk of the year, words written or spoken can do it little justice. After DeAndre Jordan set the bar for poster dunks just a few days earlier, LeBron goes out and does this. Following the perfect setup pass from Norris Cole, LeBron simply catches and finishes on Jason Terry despite his feeble attempt at stopping the inevitable.

    Just after slamming it on his head, James walks over and gives the Jet a good stare-down to the displeasure of the referee (who delivers a prompt technical foul). The entire TD Garden was momentarily aghast despite Boston's double-digit lead, and it was for good reason. The slam foreshadowed Miami's thrilling come back that kept its winning streak alive, but perhaps the dunk was even more impressive.