Penn State Signee Zayd Issah Facing Charges for Alleged Counterfeit Scheme

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIMarch 29, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

3-star outside linebacker and Penn State 2013 signee Zayd Issah is reportedly facing legal trouble in regards to an alleged counterfeit scheme that he was involved in.

This is bad news for Issah, and it could potential be bad news for the Penn State Nittany Lions. 

Update: 4/1/13: Nate Bauer of BlueWhiteIllustrated tweeted that Issah's scholarship as been at least temporarily pulled by Penn State, citing Ryan Snyder of BlueWhiteIllustrated.

--End of update

Matt Miller of is reporting that Issah is facing multiple charges, also stating that it's unsure what his football status will be:

Police in Susquehanna Township have filed multiple charges, including felonies, against Issah for an alleged scheme to pass counterfeit money at a local McDonald's restaurant.

It was not immediately known how, or if, the arrest will affect Issah's prospects at Penn State.

Miller also described the situation in a bit more detail: 

Township Police Chief Rob Martin confirmed Thursday that Issah, 18, was arrested after an alleged attempt on March 9 to pass counterfeit money was reported at the McDonald's in the 4400 block of North Front Street.

According to arrest papers filed with District Judge James Lenker, Issah and two other suspects fled when police were called to the scene. The other two suspects were later identified and apprehended and both of them implicated Issah in the alleged scheme, police said.

They said the other suspects, long-time friends of Issah, said Issah had passed counterfeit bills at two locations.

According to Miller's report, the police found Facebook messages that indicated Issah knew that the counterfeits were indeed fake and that the plan was to "clean" the money. Jail time is also unlikely, per Miller, with probation or some kind of diversionary program being more realistic.

This is certainly not the way to end your senior year in high school, and that goes double considering the fact that Issah is a division one recruit. It's worth noting that at the moment, we're not quite sure if or how this will impact Issah in regards to Penn State football—but it's certainly not a good look.

It's also a bit more negative attention for a program that has been buried in it ever since the Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky scandal. In this case, Penn State wasn't directly involved and there shouldn't be blame assigned to the program or school, but it's still negative publicity in a time where the program desperately needs to change an image and culture.

It will be interesting to see how Penn State moves forward with Issah, especially depending on how this plays out in the court of law.

Either way, it's bad news for both parties involved.

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