WWE: High-Flyer Evan Bourne Returns to Ring at NXT Show

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIMarch 29, 2013

It's been more than a year since we've seen Evan 'Air' Bourne in a WWE ring, with many having probably forgotten that he is even still on the company payroll.

The high-flying fan favorite made his return to the ring Thursday night at NXT in a match against Rami Sebei (El Generico) in Tampa. The video linked below was posted on YouTube by a fan at the show. Included in the 22-second clip is footage of Bourne hitting his signature shooting-star-press to win the match. 

VIDEO: Evan Bourne Returns at NXT

It's been questioned whether or not Bourne would ever return, or if the WWE would allow his contract to run out. Bourne has been suspended before as a result of the company's drug-testing policy, and he is rumored to be on thin ice.

While Bourne was popular with live crowds because of his fast-paced in-ring style, especially among young fans who popped for big-flying moves, he was never an established draw in the same way as other Wellness Policy offenders Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio. His leash is certainly shorter than those proven draws and another strike would send him packing.

There is also the question as to where he fits on the roster.

WWE is thin when it comes to mid-card baby faces. Bourne wouldn't rank near the likes of Daniel Bryan or The Miz at the moment. Kofi Kingston and Bourne would both be tiered just below that level as well. Sin Cara is injured again, so his spot is up for grabs.

Bourne could have an impact, but that's assuming anyone if the mid-card ever gets to truly get over the crowd. 

How do you think Bourne should be used when he returns to the active roster? Do you think he has a spot?