'Dufnering': New Craze Takes the Golfing World by Storm

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 29, 2013

Image via @LukeDonald
Image via @LukeDonald

“A posture unlike any other.”

Luke Donald is doing it, Bubba Watson loves it and Rory McIlroy has hopped on, too. All of these professional golfers are “Dufnering”—a new fad making light of American professional golfer Jason Dufner and the godawful body language he’s been communicating lately. 

“Dufnering” began after Dufner was photographed at an elementary school exhibiting some particularly atrocious posture in front of children listening to their teacher. 

As you can see, the children are paying attention and looking in the direction of their teacher. Dufner, on the other hand, either looks like the most bored second-grader in the world, or a man who just narrowly emerged the victor in a close-quarters knife fight. 

The faraway gaze, the hands tucked under his legs and the noodle-y curve of his spine—it's the image of a man who has seen some things, and doesn't have anything left worth fighting for in this world (judging by his wife, he most certainly does).


Still, the photograph of Dufner’s inelegant posture immediately went viral, spawning a whole bevy of Dufner’s colleagues to get in on the craze and imitate his grumpy, crumpled body language. 

Dufner is taking the whole thing in stride, of course. 

C’mon, people. The man’s back hurt and he just wanted to rest and relax. Now, if we can only get him to start selling inspirational posters.

“Slouch like a champion today.”

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