11 Ridiculously Good Overhead Kicks

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIMarch 30, 2013

11 Ridiculously Good Overhead Kicks

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    There are plenty of ways to score goals in football, but the degree of difficulty in overhead kicks make them special each and every time.

    The rarity of these goals makes it all the more magical, though, as always, some are better than others.

    The most recent goal to fall into this category is Zlatan Ibrahimovic's wonder goal against England.

    That strike is definitely on this list, as well as 10 other great overhead kicks. This isn't necessarily a best of list, but a compilation of some extremely good pieces of skill.

    So here are 11 ridiculously good overhead kicks for you viewing pleasure. Feel free to add more in the comments. 


Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs. England

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    Let's start off with the most recent. The goal begins around the 14-second mark in this clip.

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic found a way to again astound onlookers with an extravagant piece of skill.

    The fact that he followed the flight of the ball, judged his distance from the goal and got it on target made for an astounding goal.

Carlos Vela vs. Malaga

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    Wouldn't Arsenal fans like to see this type of creative goal scoring this season? Yes.

    Carlos Vela is playing some of his best football since joining Real Sociedad, and this goal exemplifies his confidence.

    To control the ball with your head and then place it in the far corner in two quick movements really takes some doing.

    Vela did it pretty well.

Marco Fabian vs. Barcelona

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    Seeing this unfold live with a clear view from the opposite side of the stadium was pretty cool.

    Marco Fabian called for the ball and may, or may not, have expected he would need to produce some acrobatics.

    The video shows that the ball was a little behind him, which forced him to check his run, yet he still managed a great amount of power and accuracy in the shot.

Wayne Rooney vs. Manchester City

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    Wayne Rooney delighted fans, in a rival game no less, with a fantastic overhead kick which secured points for Manchester United.

    What made this goal great was Rooney's placement and power. He had to go full-stretch to get a proper connection, and the end result was emphatic.

Rivaldo vs. Valencia

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    Rivaldo's goal here was certainly one for the ages. 

    Without once looking at the goal, not that many overhead kick scorers get that opportunity, the Brazilian controlled on his chest and slotted home into the bottom corner.

    The fact that he did it from outside of the 18-yard box makes it even more impressive.

Ronaldinho vs. Villarreal

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    Another Brazilian, another piece of outrageous skill.

    It's hard enough doing an overhead kick on a regular basis, but Ronaldinho ups the degree of difficulty here.

    The fact that he had to twist around while keeping an eye on the ball made for an incredible finish.

Trevor Sinclair vs. Barnsley

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    Trevor Sinclair comes close to rivaling Rivaldo's goal with his effort here.

    He didn't have to do much, except, you know, strike the ball in mid-air at a pretty decent height.

    You can tell Sinclair made a sweet connection the ball to create a great goal. 

Marco Van Basten vs. FC Den Bosch

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    No list like this would would be complete without the Dutch master, Marco van Basten.

    Van Basten had time to set up his strike, but still had to navigate the difficulties of flying through the air while maintaining accuracy.

    He did well on both accounts.

Dimitar Berbatov vs. Liverpool

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    You'll have to go straight to YouTube to watch this goal, but it's worth it. It comes in around the six-second mark, and replays are a must.

    Dimitar Berbatov had the composure to control the ball, perfectly, before quickly re-adjusting himself and putting it in off the crossbar.

    The Bulgarian forward made it look easy.

Manuel Negrete

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    Simply fantastic. That's how you describe this goal.

    If you didn't see it the first time, the slo-mo shows that Manuel Negrete was in complete control for three touches before attempting the overhead kick.

    His skill before the goal, and the accomplished finish, make it one of the best overhead kicks ever seen.

Mauro Bressan vs. Barcelona

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    "I'll go down in history if I score this." 

    That must have been what Mauro Bressan was thinking before he pulled off this spectacular goal against Barcelona.

    In many ways, this goal is the most similar to Ibrahimovic's strike except for the fact that Bressan was standing still before his attempt.