WWE Mark Madness 2013: Chris Jericho Crowned World Message Board Champion

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistMarch 28, 2013

From Themello.deviantart.com/
From Themello.deviantart.com/

Chris Jericho defeated CM Punk in the final round of the Mark Madness tournament, proving that online voters are still as against-the-grain as they are myopic. 

With a mirror-image score of his 56-44 defeat of Shawn Michaels, Jericho—who will likely lose an upcoming WrestleMania match to a debuting dancer known as Fandango—can now truly call himself the best in the world to an ultra-specific portion of the WWE's fanbase.

The hardcore fans. 

Hardcore wrestling fans are an interesting bunch.  At face value, one would think the hardcore tag would underscore their appreciation for past, present, history and basically all things wrestling. 

But it doesn't.  Not even close. 

In fact, the hardcore fan, at least online, seems to have been trained to embody the A.D.D. culture of the internet and social media. 

The results of each round of this year's Greatest of All Time tournament played out like the Greatest of All Week. 

The overlying theme of 2013 Mark Madness was "what have you done for me lately?"  It was a tour de force of avant-garde.  Legacy seemed to suffocate those whose tangible accomplishments dwarfed that of either of the championship participants. 

Two ingredients were evident in the formula for advancement this year.  Wrestle well and wrestle now. 

Flair, Hogan, Hart, Thesz.  All victims of their own illustrious histories, apparently because they didn't occur within the past month.

Mark Madness 2013 should go down as a study in online voting behavior in addition to an entertaining tool to poll today's wrestling audience.