Top Highlights from Day 7 of the NCAA Tournament

Maxwell Ogden@MaxwellOgdenCorrespondent IIIMarch 29, 2013

Top Highlights from Day 7 of the NCAA Tournament

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    Day 7 of the 2013 NCAA tournament is officially in the books. One-half of the Elite Eight is set.

    The question is, which memorable moments have defined Day 7 of the NCAA tournament?

    From beautiful dunks to awe-inspiring blocks, we had all of the highlight-reel worthy plays that one could ask for. As March Madness would have it, we even had a game-winning three-pointer which saved a favorite from an early upset.

    So how did it all transpire? 

10. Lenzelle Smith with the Royal Flush

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    Lenzelle Smith may not have hit the game-winner in this game, but he found a way to make the highlight reel. A streaking baseline slam is the perfect way to do that.

    Specifically when you go with a side-arm cock-back.

    Smith took a bounce pass along the baseline from Aaron Craft with just over 13 minutes remaining. Smith took it to the basket, blew past the closing defenders and threw down a monster flush.

9. Vander Blue's Steal and Slam

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    Vander Blue has been outstanding during the 2013 NCAA tournament. He's hit one game-winner, one game-deciding basket and now leads Marquette to their first Elite Eight appearance since 2003.

    It may not have come with the clock expiring, but Blue made the highlight reel once again during the Golden Eagles' win over Miami.

    Early in the first half, Blue set the tone for a dominant performance by Marquette. He tipped a pass, ran in transition, blew past a streaking defender and threw down a one-hand slam.

    Just one of Marquette's memorable moments.

8. Durand Scott Brings the Alley, Rion Brown Brings the Oop

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    When you're playing against a team as tough as Marquette, you learn just how difficult it can be to score. Miami can testify to that, as their high-octane offense only accounted for 61 points.

    Fortunately for the fans in attendance, the 'Canes picked up two points in as beautiful a manner as possible.

    Durand Scott threw the pass up into the air, seeing the play develop before it transpired. Rion Brown was on the other end.

    An alley-oop in its finest form.

7. Solomon Hill Attacks the Rim

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    The Arizona Wildcats may not have walked away with a victory, but Solomon Hill gave the team something to remember. More specifically, he threw down a dunk worth marveling.

    A paint-penetrating slash that led to a gliding one-hand jam.

    Hill didn't throw it down ferociously, but the way he glided spoke volumes to his athletic gifts. With minimal effort, Hill made his moment count.

    A memorable play to end a phenomenal college career.

6. Ron Baker with the Dazzling Putback

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    Plenty of players will be looking for an awe-inspiring dunk coming off a rebound. In the case of Ron Baker, however, he'd rather go another route.

    After a missed jump shot, Baker caught the rebound, shifted the ball to his other hand and went off glass—all in one motion.

    This was one of the most exquisite plays of an otherwise lopsided affair. Fortunately for Baker, his team was on the right end of the action.

    Wichita State makes their first Elite Eight appearance since 1981.

5. Jamil Wilson's Block Party

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    When you take the ball into the paint against Marquette, you're often expecting to draw physical contact. After all, the Golden Eagles are one of the most physical teams in the nation.

    What Durand Scott didn't expect, however, was to get blocked by Jamil Wilson. Over and over and over again.

    Scott went up with an initial attempt and had it sent in the other direction. He picked the ball back up, went into the air and saw his shot sent the other way again.

    The next play, he got his hand in to alter Scott's third attempt in as many attempts—a block party.

4. Trent Lockett Cleans Up the Mess

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    When you come soaring in from the three-point line for a putback dunk, you're likely to find yourself on the highlight reel. When you have opponents throwing their arms up in hopes of defending their heads, you've taken it to a new level.

    That's what Trent Lockett did.

    After Vander Blue's three-point field goal rimmed out, Lockett sprinted towards the basket. With one giant leap, Lockett glided across the paint.

    Over three Miami defenders, Lockett threw down a two-handed beauty.

3. Jerami Grant Meets Will Sheehey at the Rim

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    Often, we're looking for the buzzer-beaters and the ferocious jams. This time around, Will Sheehey's reverse baseline dunk was denied.

    Jerami Grant is guilty for meeting him at the rim and making his own highlight.

    The degree of difficulty on this play clearly outweighs the flash. To anticipate an up-and-under type of dunk and still get off a clean block is nothing short of extraordinary.

    One of the most memorable plays from a phenomenal upset by Syracuse.

2. Sweet Pass, Double-Clutch Dunk

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    When two teammates are on the same page, there are limitless possibilities. That was quite evident when Trey McKinney Jones turned what should have been a turnover into a transition assist.

    Julian Gamble threw down the accompanying pass.

    McKinney Jones caught a long pass in transition, fell to the floor and wisely dropped a bounce pass back to Gamble. Gamble obliged by picking it up and throwing down a double-clutch two-hand jam.

    Picture perfect transition play.

1. LaQuinton Ross with the Game-Winner

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    LaQuinton Ross had some of the most gut-wrenching 21 seconds in NCAA tournament history. It all started with a foul that nearly sent the Buckeyes packing.

    It ended with a game-winning three-point field goal.

    Ross was on the defensive, attempting to stop Mark Lyons from getting to the basket. With a 70-67 lead, Ross fouled him and allowed Arizona's primetime scorer to convert an and-1.

    Suddenly, we were tied at 70-70.

    19 seconds later, point guard Aaron Craft came off of a screen. Ross popped off of the pick, stepped behind the three-point line and took the ball.

    Just like that, Ohio State went on to the Elite Eight.