Hockey Analyst Accidentally References 'Penis' McNab, Giggle Fest Ensues

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We have a stage-five giggle fest on our hands. 

Puck Daddy brings us this video of Altitude Sports' Kyle Keefe and Mark Rycroft breaking down the latest from Wednesday night's Colorado Avalanche vs. Calgary Flames game. 

So far, nothing funny, especially for you Avalanche fans. 

At about the :14 second mark, Keefe gives us a breakdown of what we can expect in the next few minutes. Surprisingly, it will feature "Penis."

Wait, that cannot be right. 

The host rights the ship immediately, but the damage has been done. Rycroft cannot handle it and devolves into a chuckling mess, and it's beautiful. 

Watching people break character never gets old. For all the grief he used to get, I still say Jimmy Fallon's constant laughter was funnier than most SNL skits. 

Just like a mashup of Seinfeld bloopers, this rare gaffe delivers in entertainment. I just want to know what happened here. 

Just how did Keefe manage to trip, stumble and fall on the word in a live broadcast? Not that we are going to spend much time debating this. 

We will just go back and rewatch two grown men try to get through a broadcast with that gigantic silly word filling the air. 

For a second, we almost forgot they were talking about the Avalanche's latest loss. 

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