Former WWE Wrestler John Morrison to Star in Upcoming Horror Movie

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 28, 2013

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Wrestler-turned-actor John "Morrison" Hennigan looks to have lined up another movie gig for himself.

DreadCentral notes that Hennigan, who left WWE in late 2011, is currently scheduled to play one of the lead roles in upcoming horror flick The Factory.

The press release for the movie, which is due to start filming on April 2, notes:

Starring Azura Skye (Bandits), Bill Sage (Mysterious Skin), and John Hennigan (pictured; John Morrison/Johnny Nitro – WWE), The Factory will be directed by Dena Hysell (The Paladins) and produced by Hysell and Sirad Balducci (Gun Hill Road).

The Factory, inspired by true events, chronicles a group of people considering buying an old factory who get trapped inside trying to escape the demons from the factory's past.

“How is it possible that a century ago we figured out how to stop these tragedies here; yet, for all our talk of globalization, they continue in other countries? Now wrap that question up in a good ghost story, and we have a movie that we can’t wait to bring to audiences,” states director/producer Hysell.

As Diva Dirt notes, the wrestler has previously starred alongside girlfriend Melina Perez in supernatural web series Redemption: The Darkness Descending. In this time away from WWE, he has also been featured in a commercial with Hollywood star Jessica Alba and filmed his own set of fitness DVDs.

Morrison is hardly the first wrestler to explore the "B movie" horror genre. Former WWE star Gene Snitsky has also had roles in a few horror thrillers since leaving the business in 2008 (considering how medicore his wrestling often was, a change of career may have been the best thing).

Oh, and who can forget Kurt Angle's, um, movie career?

Over the last few years, Angle has co-produced and starred in various low-budget films, all of which manage to make the likes of Sharktopus and Troll 2 look like Oscar winners. I mean, seriously, Angle is on his way to being wrestling's version of Tommy Wiseau, or something, with all these dreadful movies.

Did you know Angle once took on the lead role in River of Darkness, playing a gun-toting sheriff who had to hunt down two undead zombies (played by Kevin Nash and Sid Vicious) before they killed everyone in his small town?

Or that he played a serial killing clown in the laughably bad Endgame? Yeah, Silence of the Lambs that was not.

Let's hope The Factory turns out better than that, and Morrison can establish a decent acting career for himself.

He may never be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Hollywood (few are, in fairness), but with his muscle-bound physique, charisma and acting skills there's plenty of reason to believe he can go places in the industry.

If nothing else, he can probably get work in the lucrative  straight-to-DVD genre, which various wrestlers, like Steve Austin and Nash, have found employment in.

And, hey, if the acting thing doesn't work out, he can always come back to wrestling, can't he?