If You Had Game 2 in the Pedro Martinez Injury Pool: Cash Your Ticket Now

Glenn DarbySenior Analyst IApril 2, 2008

What was apparent to the rest of the baseball world but a shock to the city of New York, Pedro Martinez has strained his hamstring. 

Pedro's ego, and arm, gave out some time around the Luis Gonzalez home run in the second inning of last night's game. 

57 pitches into the game, Pedro "felt a pop" and was shut down for possibly the whole season.

Based on his performance, that "pop" must have happened during warm-ups because he promptly hit Hanley Ramirez, the first batter of the game. 

A few pitches later, it did not get any prettier for Pedro, lobbing a BP pitch to Dan Uggla for a two-run shot.

He settled down and got through the rest of the inning by getting young hitters to swing at bad pitches. 

When an experienced Luis Gonzalez stepped in, his 404ft home run was just insult to Pedro's injury.

And so it went, single, bunt, triple, walk, warning track.  

But when Pedro went out for the third, he mustered everything he had to get Josh Willingham to strike out and that was the end of the night and possibly a career.

There is no word on Pedro's MRI but the city of New York collectively holds its breath until that word is leaked.

Until then...Johan Santana had better be ready to carry the city on his back.  This ain't Minnesota any more.