10 Past WWE Superstars Who Deserve a Second Chance

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 28, 2013

10 Past WWE Superstars Who Deserve a Second Chance

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    With its depleted roster, it might be time for WWE to consider bringing back some stars from the past.

    Hey, there are numerous ex-WWE wrestlers who could be a huge asset to the product if they were once again under contract. These guys and girls are talented, hard-working and would provide a ton of experience.

    All they need is the right offer and the opportunity.  

    And here are the top 10 candidates for a return to America’s No. 1 wrestling promotion...

10. Ken Shamrock

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    MMA star Ken Shamrock, who was a big name in the company during the Attitude Era, recently revealed in a radio interview (via ProWrestling.net) that he was keen to return to America’s No.1 wrestling company.

    Per Shamrock, he has reached out to management, but his efforts have so far proved fruitless. Maybe Vince McMahon should consider giving Shamrock another shot. Hey, he’s got name value, if nothing else.

9. John Morrison

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    Since he left in late 2011, WWE has sorely missed the talents of high-flyer John Morrison. Of course, Morrison has kept himself busy in his absence—pursuing opportunities in acting and in the health and fitness—but no doubt the right offer could tempt him to come back. If anyone could shake up the stale midcard scene, it’s him.

8. Kharma

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    With WWE looking to revamp its Divas Division—notably, the Bella Twins were recently brought back—it might be time to bring back one of the scariest female wrestlers of all time, Kia “Kharma” Stevens.

    Due to various outside circumstances, Stevens never managed to make a splash during her first WWE stint in 2011 and 2012. But who knows what she could accomplish in another run with WWE?

7. Harry Smith

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    That WWE’s booking team could think of nothing meaningful to do with ultra-talented third-generation star Harry Smith during his five-year stint is still mind-boggling. Even 18 months after his departure, the 27-year-old is still one of the best young in-ring talents in the business, having kept himself busy on the independent scene (he also made appearances for TNA’s Ra Ka King promotion).

    Ideally, WWE would get serious about backing younger talent and re-sign him to a deal, this time doing something worthwhile with him. 

6. Maria Kanellis

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    At a time when WWE desperately needs to rejuvenate its women’s division, why not give former Diva Maria Kanellis another shot? She’s good-looking, charismatic and still has a pretty solid fanbase. 

    Furthermore, she has developed greatly as a character during her most recent ROH stint, moving far beyond the “loveable ditz” persona she played in WWE. The company could certainly come up with a whole bunch of things for her to do if it were to sign her again.

5. MVP

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    Since amicably parting ways with WWE in late 2010, the talented Montel Vontavious Porter has kept himself busy, finding great success  in New Japan Pro Wrestling, even becoming the first-ever IWGP Intercontinental champion.

    Of course, Porter recently mentioned on his Twitter account that he’s planning on taking a sabbatical from the business to concentrate on an upcoming television project with Lionsgate. But surely the right offer from WWE could convince him to come back to wrestling? 

4. Serena Deeb

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    In its attempts to rebuild its faltering Divas Division, WWE should really consider giving former Straight Edge Society member Serena Deeb a call.

    Indeed, during her brief but memorable stint in 2010, the 26-year-old showed a lot of charisma and personality as CM Punk’s deranged, lovesick sidekick. Having now cleared up some of her personal issues, she could be a great asset to the women’s division, if used correctly.

3. Brian Kendrick

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    Talented and charismatic wrestler Brian Kendrick could be a huge asset to the company if brought back. Especially if the much-talked about cruiserweight television show on the WWE network comes to fruition. Certainly, if WWE is going to get serious about that show, it will need someone like Kendrick on board.

    Come on, isn't it time for a "The Brian Kendrick" return? 

2. Elijah Burke

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    After parting ways with WWE in 2008, Elijah Burke went on to have a notable TNA run as over-the-top preacher “Pope D’Angelo Deniro.” Throughout his time in America’s No. 2 wrestling company, Burke showed previously unseen verbal skills and charisma.

    TNA never really capitalized on Burke’s talents. He left the company earlier this year, meaning he’s now a free agent. Is it possible WWE would give him another shot and re-sign him? As noted, he has shown a great deal of potential over the last few years and has clearly grown as a talker and speaker.

1. Chris Masters

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    Masters, who was released from his contract in 2011, has to be the top candidate for a WWE return. The star recently garnered a ton of mainstream press—TMZ and ABC News covered the story—after he heroically saved his mother’s life after her house was set on fire by a crazed arsonist.

    In an amazing tale, the muscle-bound Masters single-handedly uprooted a large tree from the ground and used it as a battering ram to break down the window and pull her out.

    WWE would be smart to capitalize on Masters new-found fame and sign him back. Who would ever boo this guy?