Ben Revere Loves Philadelphia Cheesecakes, Delicious Cheesesteaks Feel Slighted

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 28, 2013

Boy howdy, Ben Revere cannot wait to get his hands on some of those legendary Philadelphia cheesecakes. 

Please, guys. Just let this outfielder have this one thing. 

SportsGrid spotted recent video of Doug Glanville interviewing the Phillies outfielder and asked what he looked forward to when he gets to the city. 

Obviously, those sweet, sweet cheesecakes. Glanville then tried to help him out by letting him know the city has some pretty good cheesesteaks. 

Perhaps you have heard of them. 

Well, Revere brushes it off like a man with some creamy indulgent goodness on his mind and rambles on about things that are not food. 

As you know, Phillies fans love booing as much as they love their cheesesteaks and even managed to let loose on a Hooters ball girl this spring, so we understand how important getting this answer right really was. 

That's why we understand the speed with which Revere remedied the gaffe on Twitter.

Just relaxed I did say cheesecake instead of cheesesteak lol my bad PhillyI had a cheesecake on my mind haha..

— Ben Revere (@BenRevere9) March 27, 2013

That was close, because there was sure to be thousands of fans ready to throw cheesecakes on the field at the home opener. 

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