Keith Smart Coaches Kings to Rare Road Win, Saves Kid from Horrible Pass

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Anyone who might need Keith Smart at the moment, just chill out. He's fairly busy right now, both coaching the Sacramento Kings to rare wins and saving kids from errant passes. 

SportsGrid came across one of the more memorable moments from Wednesday night's game between the Kings and Golden State Warriors from Oracle Arena—a game the Kings would win. 

Yeah, I know. A team that had six road wins on the season prior to last night took out the current No. 6 seed in the NBA

It's a rare moment for great celebration in Sacramento, especially considering how things are going behind the scenes with a possible move and new arena talk. 

But that's not the best part. 

The best part is that Keith Smart is coaching wins and saving lives. 

So maybe he isn't saving lives, but he is certainly saving little kids from getting hit in the head with horrible Stephen Curry passes. 

Smart leaps out, saves the day and then gets all up in the kid's face. You can tell the little guy was a little mesmerized for a moment. You know, seeing as how basketballs are flying at him and NBA coaches are getting up in his mug. 

That's when Smart offers his hand and the entire arena just swooned. That feeling you have—like a warm blanket comforting your entire being—I'm feeling it, too.  

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