3 Reasons the UFC Needs the Diaz Brothers

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIMarch 28, 2013

3 Reasons the UFC Needs the Diaz Brothers

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    The Diaz brothers, particularly Nick, can be a handful sometimes. For Dana White, a handful usually turns into a headache. We've seen how difficult these two brothers can be when trying to promote a clean brand image to new audiences, yet fans keep coming back for more of the Stockton crew.

    Regardless of how difficult Nick or Nate are outside the cage, the UFC needs them inside the Octagon.

    Even though both Diaz brothers are coming off losses in UFC title bouts, the promotion would be well served by getting them back in the Octagon as soon as possible. That may be a bit more troubling for Nick, due to his tax issues. However, if that can be resolved, the UFC should hope for the Stockton boys to compete soon and often while under UFC contracts.

The Diaz Brothers Come to Fight Each Time They Step in the Octagon

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    No matter whether they win or lose, everyone knows the Diaz brothers come to fight each time they compete. Even if they're not following a sound game plan, both Diaz brothers are going to bring the fight to the opponent.

    You won't have to worry about a lay-and-pray snoozefest when a Diaz brother is in the Octagon. They are perhaps two of the most offensive-minded fighters in the world and do not concern themselves with effective defensive measures.

    I'm not saying they're overly aggressive, but that they're always attacking, even if they're up on the scorecards. Putting either Nick or Nate in the Octagon is a surefire recipe to raise the excitement levels at any UFC event.

The Diaz Brothers Are Excellent Villains

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    The good vs. bad narrative is one that's been retold more times than your grandparents' stories of how everything in town used to be cornfields. Still, it's a story that produces results; just look at how pro wrestling has survived upon it for decades.

    Every respectful competitor needs a bad guy to go up against.

    Enter the Diaz brothers.

    They are some of the most polarizing figures in MMA. Fans either love them or truly despise them.

    While many fighters are trying to emulate guys like Chael Sonnen by using trash talk to promote fights and attempting to be the bad guy, the Diaz brothers use it as common language and don't have to pretend.

    The Diaz brothers have no problem with being painted as the villain and neither does the UFC marketing team.

The Diaz Brothers Generate Interest

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    Did anyone expect UFC 158's main event to go down any differently than how it played out? If you did, you're one of the fans in the extreme minority. Fans knew coming in that Nick Diaz had a long shot to take out welterweight king Georges St-Pierre.

    Yet, we still tuned in.

    Fans tune in to watch either Nate or Nick regardless of their stance on them. If you like them, you're tuning in to see the Stockton bad boys back up all their talk. If you hate them, you're watching to see them get their just rewards for talking a big game.

    The Diaz brothers generate an emotional response from fans, which is a pretty rare feat for an MMA fighter. If you talk to enough of them, you quickly begin to realize they're not the most social people in the world.

    With the ability to promote a fight becoming just as important as fighting ability itself, the Diaz brothers are a hot commodity the UFC would be wise to hold on to.