Ranking the 5 Best Milwaukee Bucks Jerseys

Jordan RodewaldContributor IIMarch 30, 2013

Ranking the 5 Best Milwaukee Bucks Jerseys

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    Uniforms don't usually have any correlation to how well a team performs on the court. However, fans certainly care about the merchandise they purchase and what they have to look at when watching a game. In 45 seasons of existence, fans of the Milwaukee Bucks have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly.

    From purple and green to green and red, the Bucks have taken somewhat of a journey through the color spectrum.

    And while some of the choices were a bit head-scratching, some of them were great.

    For a franchise with quite a bit of history, it's hard to pick the best of them, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

5. 2008-09 Alternate

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    During the 2008-09 season, two years after failing miserably in an effort to revamp the team's color scheme and uniforms, the Bucks released this alternate and redeemed themselves a little bit.

    Aside from the slightly odd tinge of red used, these jerseys look sleek.

    One great touch is the use of the city name on the front instead of the nickname. It seems as though more teams are going with the nickname for both home and away jerseys, and that's a shame. Representing the city for road games has always been the way to go.

    These jerseys might have looked even better had they opted for green with red trim instead of the opposite, but they're a nice alternative nonetheless.

4. 1995-96 Alternate

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    Love them or hate them, these alternate jerseys that were created during the 1995-96 season—and recently revived for the Hardwood Classic Initiative—were certainly unique.

    The jersey might be too wild for those that are more fond of simplicity, but they work extremely well as the occasional alternate.

    Everything from the massive, well-detailed deer to the purple and green meshing surprisingly well make it easy to see why they were brought back this season.

    Not to mention, the stylization of the lettering and numbering from that era is a personal favorite.

3. 2001-02 Road

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    Much like their home counterparts, these purple road uniforms looked great, and with the added green stripe up the side, they looked even better.

    Purple and green with silver lettering wouldn't seem to make much sense on paper, but when the Bucks stepped onto the court in these jerseys, they looked classy and there was a certain sense of simplicity to them.

    Teams often try to get too creative and end up adding too much to a jersey. The Bucks didn't go too crazy with these. They added colors that normally wouldn't go together and made unique jerseys that were recognizable anywhere.

    Many fans are glad the days of purple are gone, but there's no denying they were unique.

2. 1986-87 Road

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    With a few different shades of green and the crispness of white lettering, the road jerseys worn by the 1986-87 Bucks almost landed in the top spot.

    Unlike some of the other jerseys worn by the franchise during the first half of its existence, these didn't try to do too much. There's no unnecessary red anywhere on the uniform and the different shades of green all mesh well with one another.

    The smooth, somewhat rounded edges of the lettering also looks really nice, though the numbering might look better in a different stylization.

    The Bucks played well in these uniforms in their first year wearing them, going 50-32 and making it to the Eastern Conference Semifinals before losing to the Boston Celtics.

    With a little updating, these might not look bad today.

1. 2001-02 Home

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    For the 2001-02 season, the Bucks made a slight change to their jerseys; they had been wearing the 1994-95 jerseys when they added a purple stripe on the sides, in addition to what was already on the shorts.

    It's this look that finds itself as the best among everything else the franchise has tried over the years.

    These uniforms were elegant and modern with purple, green and white somehow coming together to create a great, unique look.

    The color scheme might not have made a ton of sense in relation to the team nickname, but it looked good. The current green and red just doesn't look good when compared to these or other Bucks jerseys of the past.