Dana White Video Blog: Watch UFC President Driving 125 in a 50 on Motorcycle

Sean SmithAnalyst IMarch 28, 2013

Dana White, UFC president, recently released his newest video blog post. However, with the UFC taking a break from events this week, the video exclusively featured White and his friends messing around and even breaking traffic laws.

The vlog opened with Nick "The Tooth" Gullo eating the self-described hottest hot sauce in the world. "The Tooth" has become a prominent character in White's video blogs since losing a grappling match to lightweight contender Joe Lauzon.

After smoke began to figuratively billow from Gullo's ears, the video transitioned to showing White and his posse at some type of shooting range. While promoting gun use is a sensitive topic nowadays, things went relatively smoothly through that portion of the vlog, considering "The Tooth" and firearms were in such close proximity.

Things began to get interesting after the gun shooting, though.

White and crew jumped on motorcycles and began putting their pedals to the metal on what appeared to be a lightly traveled back road.

At 6:57 of the video, the camera man drives by a sign showing a speed limit of 50 miles per hour. However, the driver's speedometer easily tops 100 miles per hour in the video multiple times.

When the camera man pulls alongside White at one point in the video, the UFC president is heard saying, "125, then I start s******* my pants."

It's probably safe to say that we've all hovered above legal speed limits in our days, but it's not really the best look for a president of a nationally televised sports league to be bragging about doing so on YouTube. Then again, White has never really seemed to care much about the public opinion of his actions.