Boston Sports: State of the Union

Andrew CahillSenior Analyst IApril 19, 2009

BOSTON - OCTOBER 25:  A rising moon is seen behind the Prudential Building (C), part of the downtown Boston skyline, prior to Game Two of the 2007 Major League Baseball World Series at Fenway Park  between the Boston Red Sox and the Colorado Rockies on October 25, 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

 Patriot Pat says-

Recently I was contacted by Kevin McGran, a sports reporter for the Toronto Star. He wanted to talk to me about my Bleacher Report article "Confessions of a Boston Sports Fan."

Kevin asked me about what it was like to be a Boston sports fan among all the success of all the city's teams. All I could say to that was, "I'll enjoy it while I can."

That interview was used in a Toronto Star article, published on April 18, 2009, titled "It's good to be a Boston fan."

Though the article didn't exactly make me realize it, it made me look at the fact that it truly is good to be a Boston sports fan.

Boston Bruins (Hockey)

After a great regular season in which they racked up a whopping 116 points, the "B's" are in the midst of a fired-up, hard hitting quarterfinal  series with the Montreal Canadiens. They currently lead the series 1-0, and I'm watching them tear up game two right now.

The score is 5-1 at the end of the second period, with the fifth goal coming with under two seconds left. 

It seems fitting that if the Bruins go on to win the Cup, they will have done so by defeating such a historically heart-breaking foe as the Montreal Canadiens.

They have serious potential to win the Stanley Cup this year, which would be the first in my lifetime.

Boston Red Sox (Baseball)

The Sox 2009 campaign has started at a slow pace, going 4-6 over their first ten games.

The offseason was focused on shoring up their pitching staff, and this will pay off during the long season. It really is a long season, so I am not currently concerned.

They lost in the American League Championship Series last year, but even making it to that point is an accomplishment of which we should be proud. They have won two World Series since their 86-year drought, which is nothing short of a miracle to us Boston fans who had become used to the agonizing perennial failure.

Boston Celtics (Basketball)

What can we say about the "C's"?

The "Big Three" has been broken up for the postseason. Doc Rivers says that there is about a one percent chance of Kevin Garnett playing at all during the playoffs.

They lost a close one in the first game of their playoff opener, as I watched captain Paul Pierce miss a free-throw with 2.6 seconds left in the fourth quarter. They went on to lose 105-103 in overtime, and I checked myself into the hospital.

New England Patriots (Football)

The "Pats" are primed to make another serious Super Bowl run in 2009. The Patriots are the Boston team I dedicate most of my attention to, year-round. (You can read about the Patriots' 2009 offseason on my blog, Patriot Pat's Patsies.)

Since Robert Kraft bought the team, they have won more games than any other team.

They've been in five Super Bowls, winning three.

They missed the playoffs last year for the first time since 2002, even after winning 11 games.

They have made some key free-agent acquisitions, and have a league-high 11 picks in the draft this year.

Tom Brady is coming back, and has recently worked out with Joey Galloway. Galloway commented about experience, saying he was impressed with Brady's accuracy and arm strength.

As Tom Martinez, Brady's private coach said: "The surgery was to his knee. It was not on his heart or his brain. They didn’t operate on those. He’s a winner, one of the better winners of all time."

Tom Brady can speak without saying a word, and achieve what others may only imagine. That's right, he's an honorary Recon Marine in my mind.

Oh, one other thing: Yes, he is watching you.

Andrew Cahill is a true Boston sports fan. The "State of the Union" will focus on the four major Boston sports teams.

Thanks ctpatsfan77, for the Brady/Galloway info from Reiss.


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