Top 15 Tips for Tweeting About College Football 2013

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2013

Top 15 Tips for Tweeting About College Football 2013

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    Twitter can be a confusing place, especially to the technologically or socially challenged.

    It can also be a goldmine of incredibly entertaining content, providing all kinds of links, GIFs, video and analysis to satisfy even the most diehard college football fan.

    There are 15 tips here that can be used to help make the experience throughout the 2013 season a bit more enjoyable for those that struggle.

    From what to watch for this upcoming season, to content that will bring attention to your feed, to players that will keep things interesting in 2013, here are your top tips for using Twitter in the upcoming football season.

15. A Nick Saban Smile Midseason Is Priceless

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    Nick Saban is a polarizing figure.

    SEC fans like to claim him as their own—after Alabama wins a national title.

    The rest of the season, they hate him as much, if not more than the rest of the nation.

    The man is driven, passionate and close to making a case for greatest college football coach of all time.

    But no one has ever accused him of being too happy.

    A smile such as the one pictured with that big, crystal ball is rare during the season, so if you can catch one, in any venue, it's Twitter gold.

14. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

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    Try telling somebody about this picture in fewer than 140 characters.

    That is a tough accomplishment.

    Now just tweet a picture with the hashtag #wareagle on a Saturday afternoon and wait for the response.

    Pictures are so much better; we all learned that at a very young age.

13. GIFs Are Priceless

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    A good GIF leaves an indelible image imprinted upon the mind.

    Whether it be a cat spinning in a chair, Gary Busey or football fans, the opportunity to utilize a good GIF in the Twitter-verse should not be ignored.

    What's better than watching Vincent Smith get leveled by Jadeveon Clowney?

    Watching it in a continuous loop.

12. Be Accurate

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    Unless you want to lose all credibility or are obviously satirizing, be very careful about the news provided in a Twitter feed.

    Stuff happens, we all want to be on top of it, and stories spread around the Internet with ridiculous speed.

    Take rapper Waka Flocka Flame's claim that Derrick Rose would play against the Heat on March 27.

    It didn't happen, although the Bulls ended Miami's winning streak, but the rapper for some reason felt that he could tweet it out, never to be returned again.

    If you need another cautionary tale, google Te'o, Manti.

11. Tweet That Video

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    Not everybody gets to sit back and relax on Saturdays while watching football.

    Some have to work, attend poorly scheduled weddings, or go to dinner with the in-laws.


    However, in each of the above scenarios, there is time for a clandestine trip to the restroom to check Twitter for highlights.

    Those stuck in such an unfortunate situation would appreciate some video.

10. Don't Believe Lou Holtz

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    You can find Lou Holtz on Twitter, @espndrlou.

    But be careful.

    Follow at your own risk, as Holtz likes to predict crazy stuff for Notre Dame.

    Like winning last season's national championship.

9. Keep It Simple, Stupid

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    Don't try to decorate your tweets with too much witty analysis.

    Keep it basic. Keep it simple. Tell us what happened.

    For instance:

    Wisconsin, Alvarez against Stanford in the Rose Bowl. There may not be a forward pass the entire game.

    — Stephan Sharp (@StephanSharp) December 6, 2012 

    Short sweet and to the point, entertaining, but still giving relevant information.

    That's what we are looking for during football season.

8. The More Jadeveon, the Better

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    Jadeveon Clowney is going to be the center of national attention from day one of the 2013 college football season.

    The man is just bigger, faster and stronger than the majority of his opponents, and his 23.5 tackles for loss and 13 sacks in 2012 say so.

    There are already rumblings that Clowney will compete for the Heisman in 2013, and with a few more plays such as his monster hit on Vincent Smith during last season's bowl game, there is reason to believe that he has a shot.

    He will be much in the public eye and trending often on Twitter.

7. Quote Steve Spurrier Often

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    Spurrier is incredibly good at making people laugh by lampooning opponents, particularly conference opponents.

    For instance, on playing Georgia the second week of the season: “I don’t know. I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.”     

    The little bit of truth contained in that quote is quite a zinger aimed in the direction of an SEC rival.

    He's definitely entertaining and worth quoting on Twitter.

    And maybe at some point, his Gamecocks will actually win something of note.

6. Follow the Right People

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    Following the right folks is key to success this season on Twitter.

    Be sure to follow coaches, players and analysts from as many outlets as possible.

    Coaches that are on Twitter often provide news, while players and analysts can be downright informative and entertaining.

    Imagine Bo Pelini losing it for one minute and letting a rant lose on Twitter.

    Check out this list for suggestions.

5. Braxton Will Be Trending

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    While the SEC is clearly the best conference featuring the best players in the nation, Ohio State has one of the most incredible players in the game going into 2013.

    Quarterback Braxton Miller led the Buckeyes to an undefeated season in 2012 and provided more explosive, highlight-reel plays than a single player should be able to accomplish in a single season.

    Expect more of the same from Miller in 2013.

    He will have another offseason studying Urban Meyer's system under his belt, another questionably weak schedule and plenty of talent surrounding him.

    Miller will be a hot commodity and provide plenty more highlights in 2013.

4. Don't Forget the Tide

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    Don't disregard the Tide.

    This team is again stacked and prepared for a run at the SEC title and a shot at another national title.

    So while September and October are filled with noise about Buckeyes, Ducks and Longhorns, keep an eye on the Tide.

    They will be in the mix for the title game again this season and fun to watch with T.J. Yeldon, A.J. McCarron, Amari Cooper and freshman beast Derrick Henry all featured in an offense that figures to be explosive.

    Oh, and their fanbase is second to none, so any tweets about Alabama will be met with plenty of football knowledge.

3. You Just Missed the Ducks

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    Oregon is fast, and sometimes, it feels as if we get used to the speed and become inured to the incredible speed and tempo at which the Ducks play.

    They are fast and put up points faster than a duck jumps on a June bug.

    They are easy to miss, as night games are sometimes too late in the evening for those not on the West Coast, and they don't receive the hype they deserve.

    That said, with Marcus Mariota back at the helm, the Ducks will have a legitimate Heisman contender and a shot at the BCS title game in the same season.

    Just don't blink, or you might miss them.

2. Manziel Is Gold

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    Johnny Manziel recently left the world of Twitter, signing off the social networking sight for the time being.

    Still, the 2012 Heisman winner will provide plenty of fireworks and highlights operating Kevin Sumlin's offense at Texas A&M to keep Twitter buzzing for quite some time.

    Make sure you stop short of looking like a stalker in your effort to find Johnny Football material, or you might be accused of having a man-crush on Johnny Manziel.

1. #SEC

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    The SEC is the best of the best in college football.

    There is no arguing that fact, especially given the conference's domination of the BCS title game for nearly the past decade.

    There are few fans in the nation that are as passionate or as knowledgeable as fans of the SEC, and if you enjoy participating in intelligent football conversation, tweeting about the SEC can be the catalyst to start that conversation.

    Sure, there is great football in other conferences and great fans, as well, but the SEC is where it's at in college football right now and will be again in 2013.

    Tweet about it.