B/R Turns Into the WWE Chapter 5: Raw, Road To Backlash

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IApril 18, 2009

Welcome back to the amazing series that is B/R turns into the WWE. In case you didn't do so already, check out chapter 2 to the series because if you didn't you won't get some of the things they're saying tonight.


Anyway, here's Chapter 5!


Monday Night Raw

(Jeff Gorman aka commentator #1) Welcome to Monday Night Raw everybody! Tonight we are live from Toronto, Ontario!

(commentator #2) Yup tonight we made it all the way to Canada to bring you Raw.

(Jeff) And we have plenty of amazing matches!

(commentator #2) Oh yeah, amazing matches like Kevin Canny vs. Dozer! 

(Jeff Gorman) I personally can't wait for the divas match which is Mina vs. Women's Champion, Jen Preston.

(Jason Le Blanc comes out to speak)

Last week I was in a match against Joe Burgett for a world title shot. Sadly, I failed, but that doesn't mean I'm finished. Tonight, Joe, I want you to put your contendership on the line against me.

(Joe comes out to the ring as well)

So you want to make your way into the match, huh? You lost, and not to some chump off the street. You lost to me, the best Superstar this place has to offer. And heck even the GM will say that.

I would love to take you on tonight, but I have better things to do. You want a rematch, well you're not getting it! I won, you lost. I deserve to be in the World Title match at Backlash and you don't you piece of Le Crap.

Jason, let's face it, I am so much better than you. I have it all, and you can't stand it can you? I mean I have Charisma, Talent, Looks, Charm, and the Desire to Win, none of which you possess.

So I say you walk on back to the locker room with the rest of the losers, and cry to someone who cares. 

(I, a.k.a. the GM of Raw, comes out)

Now hold on guys. Joe you were the winner last week so you will be in the title match at Backlash...but, Jason if you can defeat Joe and Daris in a handicap match tonight I'll make it a triple threat match at Backlash.

(Jeff Gorman) Oh my, what a main event we have tonight!

(commentator #2) Oh yeah, Joe and Daris vs. Jason! I can't wait! Raw will return after the commercial break.


Welcome Back to Raw everyone. Your just in time to see Kevin Canny Vs Dozer. This is going to be one great match. 

(Bell sounds match begins) Kevin Canny starts off the match with blows to the head. Now slips behind Dozer and trips him up. Now trying to go for a Boston Crab (similar to Walls Of Jericho in case you didn't know the move) Kevin trying to get Dozer to submit, but it doesn't look like it's working so Kevin ends it.

Kevin has a very vicious look on his face. Whats he thinking? Oh well we'll never know because he just got nailed by the right boot of Dozer. Dozer gives him lefts and rights and lefts and rights.

Now Dozer taking Kevin Canny to the corners and giving him some face pounds off the ropes. Dozer now introducing Kevin's face to the floor as he goes to the top rope.

But wait there's someone coming out of the crowd. It's Demetrus Stokes, he and Dozer were competing as partners last week, but tonight it's something else.

Referee trying to get him out of ring area. Dozer still looking over at Stokes wondering what the hell he is doing here.

Kevin Canny takes advantage of the distracted Dozer and gives him a stunner off the top rope. Here's the cover, 1, 2, 3. Kevin Canny wins a thriller.

(Announcer) Here is your winner, Kevin Canny!

(Jeff Gorman) Well I think Kevin really has to thank Stokes for this win because if it wasn't for him he would've never pulled off that amazing stunner.

(commentator 2) I agree with you fully on this one. Oh and it looks like Stokes has got something to say.

(Stokes gets a mic and gets into the ring while Dozer is still stinging from the stunner) Last week because of you we lost the opportunity to be the Tag champs so now I want at it with you! (drops the mic and leaves)

(Jeff) Wow, I can't believe it. See what one match can do to a person!

(C. #2) Oh yeah and I love it!

(Jeff) Anyway Raw will return after these commercial messages. 


(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw as we are joined by our GM, Svyato, in the ring.

(Svyato) Well, that was a great match don't you agree? Anyway, after seeing how amazing Kevin Canny has developed I have decided to put him in a match at Backlash.

It'll be Kevin Canny Vs Greg Bush for the ITC title. As for you Stokes, I'll grant you your match too. You get to meet Dozer at Backlash in a Hell In A Cell. And finally we will have the tag tournament final at Backlash. Anyway, enjoy the show!

(C. #2) Our GM has just made some major matches!

(Jeff) Major isn't the word, those are phenomenal. I mean, a Hell In A Cell and a ITC title match.

(C. #2) And don't forget the tag tournament final. That should be a thriller. 

(Jeff) Speaking of the tag tournament we have two matches of it tonight. One which is coming up now.

(C. #2) Yup it's Tyler & Kevin Williams vs Ste Eccles & Jason Savage. 

(Jeff) Should be a good one.

(C. #2) Well we're about to find out.

(Both teams enter)

Bell sounds match begins. Looks like Tyler and Ste will be starting. Both men locking it up. Now Ste turns it into a sleeper. He holds it for a while and gets him down. Now puts him into the cross face probably trying to get Tyler to submit. Lets go and puts him into a pin 1, 2, Tyler kicks out.

Now Ste pulls Tyler to his corner. Tags in Jason. Jason with mid section blows and now giving him kicks to the head. Now throws him into the corner. And rams right into him. He's going to the top rope. What's he thinking?

Oh gives him a bulldog from the top rope. right into the cover 1, 2, oh so close. It looked like it was going to be over, but Tyler just rolled to shoulder. Now getting him up and locking it up. Jason looking to suplex him, but he counters and suplexes him instead.

Now looking to tag in the fresh Kevin. Tyler is dragging himself to get to that corner. Ste is tagged in by Jason. Ste really quick to get into the ring. He runs over there and gives Kevin a cheap shot. 

Gives Tyler a big boot to the head and goes up to the top. Waiting for him to get up. He does and Ste does a moonsault hitting Tyler perfectly. Here's the cover 1, 2, 3. Bell sounds, match over.

(announcer) The winners Ste Eccles and Jason Savage.

(Jeff) That was a phenomenal match. Sadly, we didn't get to see Kevin, but I think that was the strategy on Ste and Jason's part.

(C. #2) And a good strategy it was because they were able to pick up the win.


(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw everyone. Coming up next is our divas contest. Last week Jen Preston was able to pick up a win and become the women's champion. 

(C. #2) Tonight she gets a tough test against Mina. 

(Both Women enter)

Bell sounds match begins. Jen throws Mina by the hair. Now she's going to the ropes. Is she thinking what I think she's thinking. Mina getting there quickly though to give her some shots and now climbs on herslef.

Just pounding away on Jen. With hit after hit. Jen trying to push her off. But Mina taking Jen with her. And in mid-air Mina turns it into a rolling pin. 1, 2, 3. Mina steals a win from the women's champion!

(announcer) Here is your winner, Mina!

(Jeff) A huge upset in my opinion. 

(C. #2) Oh yeah, big time. Well coming up next is another tag tournament match. It'll be Chris Mueller & Blue Chip vs. Nathan Miguel and recently signed Ben Sampson. 

(Jeff) I wonder what will this new guy have up his sleeve.

(C. #2) Well we'll find out after the break.


(Jeff) Welcome back to Monday Night Raw folks. As you can see in the ring right now is the tag team of Chris & Blue Chip. 

(C. #2) And here comes the team of Ben & Nathan. 

(Jeff) Both teams in the ring now, ready to get thing underway.

(C. #2) Looks like it'll be Nathan starting off against Chris. Bell sounds match begins.

Oh and Nathan wasting no time with Chris as he delivered a big spear. Now shoves him into to the corner and bringing those big shoulder. Now catapulting Chris off the rope and and lifts him up for a big spinebuster.

Brings him to the corner and tags Ben into the match. Ben now delivering some big chops to the chest of Chris. But Chris starting to fight back with some big right hands. Ben launches him of the ropes, but to the benefit of Chris because he was able to deliver a big running DDT. Now Chris has to tag in his partner.

And he does here comes Blue Chip, clotheslining Ben. Ben gets up only to get clotheslined again. Blue Chip going to the top rope now. And gives Ben a flying elbow. The cover, 1, 2, oh just rolls the shoulder. Blue Chip brings Ben to his feet and lifts him up for a running powerslam.

The cover once again, 1, 2, oh so close. He bring turns Ben over and locks in the Figure 4 Leg Lock. Oh my and Ben looks overwhelmed.  Ben trying to turn him but he can't. And Ben taps. So that means the winners are Chris and Blue Chip. 

(Announcer) Here are your winner Chris Mueller and Blue Chip.

(Jeff) Well Ben and Nathan did put in a great performance, but it wasn't enough as they came out on the losing side.


(Interviewer) I'm here backstage with Jason Le Blanc. So I really have to ask. How are you going to win this match tonight?

(Jason) If you want to know that I suggest you grab yourself a good seat and watch what I'm about to do.

(Joe walks in) 

You honestly think you have a chance of winning tonight? If you do then you really got another thing coming. I would say good luck, but you don't deserve it. 

(Joe walks away)


(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw everyone. In the ring right now we have Joe Burgett and Daris Brown. And they are ready to take on Jason Le Blanc in a 2 on 1 handicap match.

(C. #2) Remember if Jason can pick up the win he will be put into the world title match at Backlash.

(Jeff) And here comes Jason. What do you think he has to do tonight?

(C. #2) One thing and one thing only........win.

(Jeff) Well that's kind of obvious (laughs).

(C. #2) Remember in this match both men will be in the ring against Jason. 

(Jeff) My advice is to have a good power game. And don't leave one alone recovering. 

(C. #2) Anyway let the match begin.

Bell sounds match begins. Jason starts it off with an amazing double clothesline. Now shoving Joe in the corner and starts charging/ramming him in there. Now changing his attention to Daris.

Catapults him off the ropes and picks him up and slams him. Turns to Joe who tackles him. Now starts pounding him while he's still on the ground. Daris starts kicking him. But Jason shoves off Joe and Daris. Now puts them both off the ropes and double clotheslines them.

Now Jason throws Daris over the rope. Now gets to work on Joe. He lifts him up and hits a running powerslam. Going to the top rope, but now Daris gets up and shakes the ropes causing Jason to fall and sack himself (ouch).

Now Daris getting back into the ring. And pounding away with lefts and rights and lefts and right. Now Daris catapults Jason off the ropes, but it's Jason who gets the better of him as he managed to hit a spear on him. Joe now running towards Jason, but Jason turns that into a spinebuster. 

Daris coming to now, but Jason clotheslines him to the outside of the ring. Now with Joe still on the ground Jason goes back to the top rope. Probably going for his finisher the nosedive. And it's a perfect hit. Here's the cover 1, 2, 3 and the match is over. 

(Jeff) Jason has done the unbelievable! He has beaten Joe and Daris in a handicap match! Two of Raw's top stars have fallen to Jason.

(C. #2) That's right Jason came tonight with world title dreams and at Backlash he's going to try to fulfill those dreams.

(Jeff) Thank you ladies and gentleman for tuning in to Monday Night Raw and make sure not to miss Backlash. 

(C. #2) It's going to be an amazing show. So until then, WWE fans.    


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