10 College Football Coaches Less Popular Than Their School's Basketball Coach

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMarch 28, 2013

10 College Football Coaches Less Popular Than Their School's Basketball Coach

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    While we love our college basketball and March Madness, it is easy to see that college football is more superior by far. College football brings home most of the bacon, draws in the off-the-chart ratings and because of this, the college coaches earn the insane contracts.

    A combination of all of these things usually makes the college football head coach the most popular guy within the school. Although this is the case for every school, there are some instances where the basketball coach is the big man on campus. This could be due to the football coach not pulling his weight, or the fact that the guy calling the shots on the hardwood is just more accomplished and well known.

    Whatever the case may be, here are a few college football head coaches that have work to do to catch up to the basketball coach.

Larry Fedora, North Carolina

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    The More Popular Guy: Roy Williams

    Larry Fedora did a good job of keeping the North Carolina program afloat last season. He led the Tar Heels to eight victories despite having to clean up the sanctions left behind and having to motivate guys that knew they weren't going to participate in a bowl game.

    But it is going to take much more than one positive season to top some guy named Roy Williams.

    A coach that has won two national titles with North Carolina, as well as six regular-season ACC championships, he has become quite popular around Chapel Hill. Of course his success with the Kansas Jayhawks has helped build his name before he arrived on campus, but the most success in his coaching career has come with this program.

    Fedora is on the right track if last season is any indication of how things are going to go, but he still has a lot of work to do before topping coach Williams.

Steve Sarkisian, Washington

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    The More Popular Guy: Lorenzo Romar

    I'd like to say that head coach Steve Sarkisian is easily one of the more underrated coaches in the Pac-12, if not the entire country. In four short seasons, he has brought consistency to the Washington program and appears to have the Huskies inching that much closer to competing for conference titles as early as this year.

    However, Lorenzo Romar has been coaching Washington basketball since 2002 for a reason. Winning three conference Coach of the Year awards and leading the Huskies to several conference championships, as well as regular-season titles, Romar has made his mark felt. He has also done a great job of producing NBA talent, including Brandon Roy, Nate Robinson and Terrence Ross.

    You have to like the direction Sarkisian is going, but he is still wet behind the ears when comparing him to Romar this early in the process.

Bobby Hauck, UNLV

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    The More Popular Guy: Dave Rice

    UNLV has two coaches that are fairly new on the scene. One is winning and putting the Runnin' Rebels on the map, while the other hasn't improved whatsoever. 

    Bobby Hauck has coached the program three years and has won two games in each season, showing little to no progress moving forward. Entering the 2013 season on the hot seat, it would be a surprise if he is around much longer.

    As for Dave Rice, he has only been around for two years but has led the program to two straight NCAA tournaments. Beating numerous ranked teams, including a No. 1-ranked North Carolina back in 2011, it is clear Rice has a bright future with UNLV.

    The 72 percent winning percentage that Rice has put together is much better than six victories out of 38 games that Hauck has provided. I can only imagine who is more popular at this point.

Mark Stoops, Kentucky

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    The More Popular Guy: John Calipari

    Unless Kentucky went out and hired Urban Meyer or Nick Saban, it was going to be difficult to find somebody who is more popular than John Calipari.

    Whether you hate or love the guy, his name is usually coming out of your mouth during basketball season. Not to mention, he recently won a national title, has won 82 percent of his games with the Wildcats, and he puts together insane recruiting classes each and every year.

    As for Mark Stoops, I'm sure Kentucky is still trying to figure him out.

    With no head-coaching experience, Stoops is more known for being the brother of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops and turning defenses around with a magic wand. The football coaching hire should turn out to be a good move for this program, but it takes victories in the SEC to become a household name and earn popularity.

Randy Edsall, Maryland

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    The More Popular Guy: Mark Turgeon

    There were Maryland fans that were calling for the Randy Edsall's job after his first season that only provided two wins. With four victories in his second year, this is a coach that is still on the hot seat entering the upcoming 2013 season. I mean seriously, the Terrapins lost to Connecticut and North Carolina State last year. Those sound like basketball schools to me.

    Speaking of basketball, Mark Turgeon is still trying to earn his stripes, but there has been progress in his first two years. In year one, Maryland won 17 games, while the school reached the NIT this year with 25 victories. Turgeon also has fans dressing up like him at home games, which may be a little creepy, but it is a sign that you are at least somewhat popular on campus. Nobody is matching outfits with the guy you never heard of.

    Edsall is on his last leg, but Turgeon is just getting started.

Lane Kiffin, USC

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    The More Popular Guy: (Enter name here)

    USC basketball doesn't currently have a permanent head coach, but I guarantee he will be more popular than Lane Kiffin is right about now.

    If you are not a USC fan, you probably can't stand Kiffin for various reasons. If you are a USC fan, you are probably begging for a coaching change after the mess that took place last season.

    Whether it is failing to live up to expectations or the constant off-the-field issues, Kiffin provides a ton of ammo for why he isn't really popular these days. He does deserve the benefit of the doubt considering he has been dealing with limited scholarships and other sanctions that he walked into, but that doesn't change the fact he is sitting on the hottest seat in the country.

    The USC job shouldn't be that hard to fill considering the new head coach will already be more popular than the football coach without even winning a single game.

Charlie Weis, Kansas

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    The More Popular Guy: Bill Self

    For Charlie Weis not to be a popular guy, it must mean that the basketball coach is some kind of legend. Or it would mean that Weis has fallen off the map as a coach, and he is really stinking it up. In this case, it appears to be a combination of both.

    Bill Self is an icon in Lawrence, giving the program a national title in 2008, winning six conference tournaments and a ridiculous nine regular-season championships. He has helped surpass the bar that Roy Williams set over the years, and now Kansas easily has one of the best coaches in the country leading the way.

    Weis, on the other hand, won one game last season in his first year with the Jayhawks. That's right, he has one more victory than you and I have coaching the Kansas football team. Don't be surprised if he is looking for a new coaching gig by the end of the year.

    As for Self, he is one of those guys who can stay around as long as he wants. Just ask around Kansas, they'll tell you.

Kevin Wilson, Indiana

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    The More Popular Guy: Tom Crean

    Kevin Wilson bought himself another season with Indiana, winning four games last year. Sure, this may not sound like a whole lot, but many of those losses were close and it was much better than the one victory in 2011. The Hoosiers lost four of their eight games last season by one possession, which has to count for something.

    Even with the progress that has been made, Tom Crean is considered the man on campus these days. Only coaching the basketball team since 2008, it is Crean that has helped put the Hoosiers back on the map and make them a national-championship contender. Winning 71 games in the last two years and having a great chance to win this year’s national title, Indiana basketball is officially back in the national spotlight.

    Very few places care about basketball more than the state of Indiana, and with Crean turning things around, he is by far more popular than Wilson could ever be.

Tim Beckman, Illinois

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    The More Popular Guy: John Groce

    Both Tim Beckmam and John Groce have only been around for one season, but even after a short period of time, it is clear who the more popular head coach is.

    Would you pick the football coach that only won two games last season, or the basketball coach that won 23 games and got his team into the Top 10 of the AP Poll at one point?

    Beckman was hired to turn around the Illinois football program, but finishing the season with nine straight losses is actually heading backwards. After missing the NCAA tournament a year ago, Groce was able to not only lead the Fighting Illini back to the Big Dance, but they reached the third round of the tourney.

    The football coach is already on a short leash according to the hot seat rankings, while Groce has added a spark to the basketball program and is riding high on momentum.

David Cutcliffe, Duke

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    The More Popular Guy: Mike Krzyzewski

    Can it get any easier than this?

    Duke will forever be a basketball school. You could also make a case that if Nick Saban was coaching the Blue Devils football team, Mike Krzyzewski would still be the king of the castle.

    Whether it is the four national championships, 11 Final Four appearances or 13 ACC tournament championships, Krzyzewski has been talked about so much that spelling his name has become so much easier.

    You also have the multiple gold medals he picked up from the Olympics, and soon enough Coach K will have the coolest nickname in the world once he hits 1,000 career wins.

    David Cutcliffe is no slouch, leading Duke to its first bowl game since 1994 and winning ACC Coach of the Year. He has had great success in his own right and is working against the odds with not exactly top-tier talent.

    But college basketball gets no bigger than Coach Krzyzewski and the Duke Blue Devils.