Debate: Who Is the Better Team, the 1971-72 Lakers or 2012-13 Heat?

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Debate: Who Is the Better Team, the 1971-72 Lakers or 2012-13 Heat?
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The Heat's win streak is at 27 games, just six away from the 1971-72 Lakers record streak of 33 straight wins.

So who is the better team: the 1971-72 Lakers or 2012-13 Heat?


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If you are not at least 45, you shouldn't comment on this topic because you have no frame of reference. Although I think Wilt would have a very good g...
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I can't believe all these people talking about how Wilt couldn't run keep up because he wasn't athletic -- he was one of the most athletic players to ...
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Bs. You can't "massacre" the 1971-1972 lakers. You have to be stupid if you really think that. I will think the nba is a joke overall if a legendary t...
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C'mon Heat haters, the Heat would win. There was nobody athletically gifted enough to guard lebron or wade. Basketball has evolved over 40 years and p...
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Miami, teams In the 70's were very horizontal and weren't very talented. The teams that the Heat play are way better than the teams the 71' Lakers pla...
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