2 Offseason Moves the Phoenix Suns Need to Make

Roberto PayneContributor IApril 6, 2013

2 Offseason Moves the Phoenix Suns Need to Make

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    Let's be honest, this season was over before it even began. 

    To make matters worse, Phoenix hasn't been over .500 all season and has a roster going nowhere fast.

    This wouldn't be a problem if there was a clear plan to rebuild, but that's simply not the case.

    Phoenix isn't in a place to sign big-money free agents, but several smaller moves could aid the rebuilding process.

    With a roster full of secondary players, an interim head coach and a multitude of draft picks over the next few years, it's safe to say this offseason will be key to the Suns' rebuilding process.

Draft a Wing Scorer

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    Over the past several years, NBA basketball has transformed from being a predominantly inside-out game to a perimeter-controlled game where speed and shooting are paramount.

    Only four of the top-20 scorers in the league are power forwards or centers, further proving that point.

    Looking at Phoenix's roster, there isn't one wing player capable of consistently leading the team in scoring.

    This is an issue that has to be addressed as soon as possible.

    Phoenix could go two ways in the search for a wing scorer: through the draft or in free agency.

    Free agency is obviously the more expensive option, but it could provide immediate results. On the other hand, the draft is the cheaper option, though it could take longer for potential to meet production.

    After looking at Phoenix's talent level and $10 million in projected cap room, it's clear Phoenix should look to draft a talented wing with its likely top-five pick in the upcoming NBA draft. 

    This is even more prevalent in a top-heavy draft class that features several highly touted wing prospects.

    Among those expected to be top picks are Shabazz Muhammad of UCLA, Otto Porter Jr. of Georgetown, Ben McLemore of Kansas and Victor Oladipo of Indiana.

    McLemore has the most scoring talent of the four and is a phenomenal athlete. He would be the best fit for Phoenix's uptempo offense.

    Regardless of whom Phoenix selects, it's key that the Suns find a talented wing player who could one day consistently lead the team in scoring.  

Get Rid of Michael Beasley

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    The enigma known as Michael Beasley has to go.

    This season has been a huge disappointment for Beasley after he signed a three-year, $18 million contract in the offseason.

    Beasley is one of the most talented players on Phoenix's roster but also the most frustrating.

    He came to Phoenix with high expectations and was given every chance to earn his playing time. Instead of taking that opportunity and running with it, Beasley has remained ridiculously inconsistent.

    There's simply no way he should be paid $6 million next year to come off the bench if he's going to keep up his current level of play.

    Several young teams like the Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Bobcats could possibly be interested in Beasley, though there is no doubt they would be reluctant to make a deal.

    That wouldn't be too big a surprise considering there are two years and $12.25 million left on his deal.

    It's tough to see any team taking a serious look at Beasley without cash or a draft pick included.

    For Phoenix's sake, it would be prudent to trade a second-round pick, cash and Beasley for any kind of short-term asset.