5 Offseason Scenarios That Would Help the Detroit Pistons

Jonathan MaurerCorrespondent IIMarch 27, 2013

5 Offseason Scenarios That Would Help the Detroit Pistons

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    I am a Detroit Pistons fan, I love the history of the team and the way they played in the past. But I'm going to have to be truthful, the team has really been lacking as of late.

    You can blame Joe Dumars, you can blame the coaches or the lack of effort by some players. The Pistons don't have just one problem, they have multiple problems. And they need some serious fixing.

    I would like to present to you fellow Piston fans with what I believe will help this team get back on track.

5. Replace Lawrence Frank with Stan Van Gundy

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    I think Lawrence Frank is a better coach than the records would indicate. But, unfortunately, I don't think he's good enough to take the Pistons back to the level they were five years ago.  

    Say what you want about how he handled the Dwight Howard situation, but Stan Van Gundy has proven he is a very good basketball coach.

    In the 2003-04 season, Pat Riley had basically abandoned the Heat and left the coaching job to his assistant Van Gundy, who helped the Heat improve to a 42-40 record. The next season they improved to a 59-23 record and made the Eastern Conference Finals. He resigned the following season.  

    Van Gundy then signed on to coach the Magic, who had a 40-42 record the season prior to Van Gundy's arrival. In Van Gundy's first season with the Magic, he coached them to a 52-30 record.

    So you see that he has a very good track record of turning around teams, which is exactly what Detroit needs at this point.

    Some of you are probably asking, "Would he really want to come to the Pistons?" I suspect Van Gundy would like a job and coaching an NBA team seems like a well-paying job. 

    Van Gundy is a coach with a good track record, which is more then you can say about the last two coaches, so I think it would be foolish on the part of Joe Dumars if he doesn't take a look at Van Gundy. 

4. Trade Rodney Stuckey

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    When the Pistons began rebuilding, they did so hoping that Rodney Stuckey would be the superstar that the franchise would be building around.  

    But Stuckey has been just a decent player.

    He's had flashes of greatness. But his games have been both good and bad.

    He really hasn't done anything that suggests that he will be a franchise player. His numbers have really started to decline the past couple of seasons. Stuckey may have become as much of a liability as an asset.  

    The best thing for the Pistons to do is to trade Stuckey, for his sake and theirs.

    His decline may be because of injury, or it could be his lack of eagerness to play for the Pistons. I question his eagerness because when I look at him on the bench, he doesn't seem like someone who is having much fun. And he doesn't seem like someone who greatly cares about the outcome of the game.

    The bottom line is it's time for him to move on. 

3. Re-Sign Will Bynum

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    I am sure a lot of casual NBA fans don't know who Will Bynum is, and that's okay. But if you are a Pistons fan, you would do well to know who he is.

    He is the equivalent of the energizer bunny. He is one player on the bench who seems to consistently give a 100 percent effort out there. I could question a lot of players effort as I watch their games. But I really don't question Bynum's.

    Despite his lack of skill in some areas, he tends to contribute coming off the bench. This is a player that Detroit needs to keep.  With a team sometimes seemingly lacking effort, I don't believe they want to let go a player that gives it every night.  

2. Draft Ben McLemore

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    Ben McLemore has superstar potential. He's athletic. He can shoot the ball. And he can at times distribute the ball well.  

    The Pistons are in need of a consistent scorer. That is the one thing McLemore does well—score.

    During the regular season he led the Kansas Jayhawks in scoring with 15.8 points per game. I suspect McLemore will be able to transition well into the NBA because he not only has elite athleticism, but also has a smooth jumper. In fact McLemore is shooting 41 percent from the three-point arc.

    If McLemore could contribute right away to the Pistons team, with the talent they already have, I have no doubt that Pistons would be at least a formidable team to deal with. 

    The issue is that the Pistons might not have the opportunity to draft McLemore, because he's so high on the draft board, and I'm not sure if the Pistons will have Top 3 pick when draft day arrives. 

    But McLemore isn't the only option for Detroit.

1. Draft Trey Burke

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    There is no doubt that Trey Burke is one of the best players in the country and one of the better point guards in the draft.  

    If there is one negative you could point out about Burke, it would be that his under 6'2". But the last time I checked, so were Chris Paul, Allen Iverson and Isiah Thomas. 

    Is size important? Yes. But is size more important than skill? No.

    Burke has a lot of skill. And although he can score, he can also distribute the ball really well. 

    If the Pistons feel that Knight's skills would be better served at the two guard, then they could slide Burke into the starting lineup. Which I assume would look like this:

    PG: Trey Burke 

    SG: Brandon Knight 

    SF: Kyle Singler 

    PF: Greg Monroe 

    C: Andre Drummond