Fan Uses Half-Court Shot as Ruse for Marriage Proposal at Heat vs. Magic Game

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 26, 2013

A future marriage started with pretty much the worst attempt at a half-court shot. 

That NBA Lottery Pick (h/t Larry Brown Sports) spotted this video featuring a marriage proposal that all began as a fake half-court shot for $1,000. 

The woman is identified as Elena and she is tasked with heaving a shot for money, which begs the question of what she would have done had she made the shot. 

Thankfully, she tosses up a horrible attempt, but we will go ahead and blame the fact that she is dressed more for a night out at a fancy dinner than she is for a pick-up basketball game. 

The host then tells her that she has a consolation prize of sorts and directs her attention to the other end of the court. 

There, her imaginative boyfriend is kneeling down with something in his hand. Elena has absolutely no clue what is going down and gives a couple of thumbs-up gestures to her future fiance. 

And then she realizes what is actually happening. 

The rest of the video plays out like a classic rom-com movie: she smiles, looks at the ring and breaks down into tears. 

It all occurs during Monday's game between the Heat and Magic in Orlando, a game Miami would ultimately win. 

So at least something positive happened for Magic fans. Well, two of them at least. 

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