WWE Hall of Fame: Why Booker T Is a More Than Worthy Inductee

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMarch 26, 2013

Booker T is more than just a deserving candidate for Hall of Fame consideration and will be honored as such during WrestleMania weekend. 

Booker T’s versatility and adaptation will always be his strong suit.  He was able to transition from a legendary tag team wrestling career to a legendary single’s career, and also made the successful jump from WCW to the WWE. 

Given his track record of accomplishments and championships, Booker T is easily the greatest African-American star in professional wrestling history. 

Successful feuds against Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock added credibility to an already impressive resume early in Booker T’s WWE career, and the former five time WCW champion never looked back. 

Booker deserved better than a buffoonish Hall of Fame video package showing many of his comedic highlights.  However his career accolades will never go unnoticed or unappreciated by wrestling fans.  An evasive WWE championship run would have been in order, but still a profound legacy remains.