Nothing's Changed for Mets

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IApril 2, 2008

After Johan Debut, Mets Resort to Old Ways....

Like I said in earlier articles, the addition of Johan Santana will not help the Mets.

Sure it will, but only on the days he pitches. That's about 35 total games (if we're lucky).

The Mets still have to play 127 other games. And it appears they will be begin doing that without Pedro Martinez—at least until late May to early June.

Strike One.

These Mets are still reeling from last year's collapse. They made some changes, but not the right ones. They still have not solved their bullpen woes— as evidenced in last night's 5-4 10th inning loss to Florida when some stick figure named Matt Wise gave up a game-winning HR to some high-school sophomore named Robert Andino.

Strike Two.

Jose Reyes continues to hit the ball in the air. You are wasting everyone's time. You are the fastest man in the universe, Jose, why are you doing this? Hit line drives or ground balls— otherwise you're just another Rey Ordonez.

The Mets' offense, after tying the game in the 6th, went into a shell and stopped scoring. By game's end they had left 23 men on base against a team that has the lowest payroll in MLB ($21 million).

The Mets—with a payroll that towers over the rest of the league's— after a promising opening game, seems destined to repeat last year's underachieving ways.

Strike Three.