Debate: Who Needs to Have a Big Game for US to Beat Mexico?

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Debate: Who Needs to Have a Big Game for US to Beat Mexico?
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With US preparing to face rival Mexico tonight, which US player needs to have a big game to come out victorious? 


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I think Jozy Altidore does. If he is big and takes care of the ball up front to allow the others to play off him we will have a positive game. By doin...
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Cameron, Goodson, Beasley, Guzan, Bradley, plus the other 6 have to get back and defend. HUSTLE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THIS GAME AND GUZAN NE...
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Well, they all do. There needs to be a strong team cohesiveness, but I'd say the midfield. Controlling the center will blunt and frustrate the Mexica...
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The Defense and Forward; Especially the defense needs to have BIG game today cause mexicans are frustrated. Bradley needs to link up with Altidore (Bo...
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Agreed, I have been on Jozy's case for awhile now because he has been a complete no-show in the effort dept. for almost 2 years no as far as the USMNT...
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