WWE WrestleMania 29: Could a Rock Win Lead to a Huge Turn for John Cena?

David LevinSenior Writer IIMarch 26, 2013


After 17 days of discussing everything under the sun concerning WrestleMania 29, we haven't discussed the most dramatic turn of events that could happen in New Jersey—a John Cena heel turn.

We have talked about The Undertaker and the potential loss to CM Punk. We dove into the eventual heel turn for Randy Orton and how Sheamus is kind of a man without an island right now. We have talked about Team Hell No, Dolph Ziggler and the issues with Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger.

Never once have we talked (in one of my forums) about the possibility of John Cena becoming so distraught by a loss at the hands of The Rock that it sets him into a tailspin that is only solved by turning to the dark side.

Kane tried to make this happen last year, and it was never accomplished. The IWC has been teasing this for years, and well, Cena always proves us wrong. The more we as fans boo him in arenas, the more committed he remains to proving us all wrong.

This time, the wheels may come off the wagon. And when they do, maybe the most heinous of Cena is unleashed on the WWE Universe.

What I saw on Raw Monday night was a Cena who seemed desperate and in need of redemption. What I also saw was a Rock character who was calm, cool and got under the skin of Cena more times than naught. 

While I have been saying it is inevitable that Cena will beat The Rock in New Jersey on April 7, now I am not so sure, and possibly the WWE is setting us up for a swerve much like Hulk Hogan changing stripes and becoming the leader of the nWo.

Cena is the one wrestler (besides CM Punk and Randy Orton) who could dynamically change the landscape of the WWE and wrestling as it is right now with a move to the right or the left of the fence.

Cena has been on record as stating the loss was a dramatic loss for him personally and publicly and it has plagued him for the past year. And above everything else, he knows he can beat The Rock.

If he doesn't, which there appears to now be doubt in his mind after he was Rock Bottomed in the ring in the final segment, this could lead to something greater than a Sting disappearing act or an AJ Styles depression-filled scenario.

It could happen.

Like he also said, losing is very realistic and is something he knows can happen. But knowing he "must" win is enough for this writer to think he won't.

And that loss will change the course of the WWE, because the one man who made John Cena flinch made him flinch twice.