Arnold Schwarzenegger to Induct Bruno Sammartino into 2013 WWE Hall of Fame

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistMarch 25, 2013

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Arnold Schwarzenegger will officially be inducting Bruno Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The only question left regarding Sammartino and the Hall of Fame was which man would receive the honor of inducting one of the greatest wrestlers in history. It's a heavy burden to carry, so giving the job to a former Mr. Olympia only seems appropriate. The Terminator himself confirmed the news on Twitter:

Long one of the most egregious absences in the company's Hall of Fame, it was announced back in February that Sammartino would be receiving the honor (h/t Zach Linder of The Living Legend had been upset with the overall product and chose to distance himself from WWE.

Some might be a bit upset that it's a movie star rather than a former wrestler who's inducting somebody like Sammartino.

On first thought, it does seem a rather puzzling choice. Triple H probably would have been the perfect guy, considering he was the one who paved the way for Sammartino's return.

However, it's not as if the Governator is completely unaware of professional wrestling and WWE. Schwarzenegger appeared on SmackDown back in 1999 and was also Raw's Social Media Ambassador on an October 2012 episode.

In addition, he appears to have created some sort of kinship with Sammartino that goes back years. Since Sammartino likely had some sort of say as to who would be inducting him, this shouldn't be much of an issue.

Plus, it's far from the worst thing ever to happen to the Hall of Fame, considering Drew Carey, Mike Tyson, Pete Rose and Koko B. Ware are all members.