Poll Results - The Rock should lead Hall of Fame 2010!

The Rated R SuperstarContributor IApril 18, 2009

I asked, “Which Legend Should Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame 2010?” You answered….. THE ROCK!

Hall Of Fame Class Of 2010?

I MISS The Rock! No! I REALLY, REALLY miss The Rock! He oozed charisma, had tons of microphone skills, and was a rock solid (no pun intended) performer! He most definitely is a legend of the squared circle, and 100% deserves a WWE Hall of Fame slot. The question is, when? You guys say next year, I'm a little skeptical about that though, but I do believe he will be there soon.

Here are the FULL results: The Rock (40%), Chris Benoit (13%), Trish Stratus (9%), The Ultimate Warrior (7%), Vince McMahon (7%), Owen Hart (5%), Hawk & Animal (4%), Yokuzuna (3%), Chyna (3%), Randy Savage (3%), Tazz (2%), Big Van Vader (2%), Doink The Clown (1%), “Flyin'” Brian Pillman (1%), The Great Muta (0%), The Honky Tonk Man (0%), Howard Finkle (0%), and Mr. Bob Backlund (0%).
Do you think The Rock should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2010?