WWE Today: 10 Feuds for the Current Roster

Tyson Jones@@TigerKingTJSenior Analyst IIIMarch 26, 2013

WWE Today: 10 Feuds for the Current Roster

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    WWE has a lot of talented guys on the roster. Some of these guys have had matches against each other, but rarely do some of the better combinations escalate into actual feuds, involving promos and stipulation matches. Personally, WWE should look into fixing that. That said, just in case they don't, I decided I would do some fixing.

    These aren't your typical "dream" feuds, though. We're talking about the current roster. Don't expect to see Brock, The Rock or Undertaker on this list. You can expect guys who've already gone at it to be on this list, though.

    That said, you can also see some first-time matchups. So, if you're ready to step outside your comfort zone a little, and you're willing to pick up what I'm putting down, take a look at the slideshow. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Wade Barrett

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    Late last year saw Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett cross paths.

    Barrett made his second bid to become Intercontinental champion. Cesaro looked to keep his title against R-Truth, in his own quest to become two-time United States champion. During this time, the two not only teamed up to face the former WWE tag team champions in R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, but even came to blows during a Fatal Four-Way.

    At that moment, a light came on in my head.

    Here we have two European Superstars with somewhat familiar—and yet—different styles. We have two well-spoken men with a penchant for putting opponents down with devastating strikes.

    Perhaps, we have the makings of a fun feud somewhere down the line? This is especially true, considering that both men have been pegged by many fans as future world champions, I think this is a feud we could easily see main-eventing SummerSlam for the World Heavyweight Championship—maybe even WrestleMania.

    Now of course, this would likely require one superstar to turn face. Personally, I think  Barrett would make a great face. I know a lot of people would have reservations about him in this role, but I have put in a lot of thought into the topic.

    In fact, last year, I even wrote up an article on how Barrett could make his transition to the light. Who knows? We could even see a tag team formed out of respect from the two knockout artists afterward.

Kofi Kingston vs. CM Punk

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    This one is actually a bit out of left field. Still, it's one I've mulled over for awhile so bear with me on this one.

    Kofi Kingston and CM Punk haven't actually had any real contact. I can't even tell you when they last faced off. Still, there's a little bit of history here. The ECW alumni are former World Tag Team Championship partners, taking the titles from Priceless on Raw, before later dropping them to John Morrison and The Miz.

    Afterward, I don't think it's too hard to tell who's had the better career. Since that time, CM Punk has gone on to great fame and success, with an extremely long WWE title reign and two main-event matches against The Rock.

    As of now, the "Straight Edge Superstar" is on a collision course with "The Deadman," as he attempts to end Undertaker's undefeated streak at Mania 29.

    Kingston, at this point, may find himself in a tag match with Zack Ryder vs. Catering.

    It's a classic tale of the jealous friend who could be woven with Kingston and Punk. I mean, it really wouldn't be out of the question to say that Kofi could think himself a better wrestler than his former tag team partner.

    (I personally prefer Punk, but Kofi isn't a slouch in the ring himself.) In fact, Punk may have inadvertently let his friend down in a way. Allow me to explain.

    Everyone remembers CM Punk's very first shoot, which sent him to the main event. I'm sure we all remember the name dropping of Vladimir Kozlov, Chris Masters and Colt Cabana. I'm sure we all remember how Punk called himself the "Voice of the Voiceless" and promised change (and ice cream bars).

    So, who's to say that, maybe, some of the guys who were still there may have thought Punk was talking about them. Maybe Kofi thought Punk was gonna help out an old friend, to get the chance he felt he deserved.

    I'm sure we all know how that turned out. With the Kofi Kingston heel turn going through the rumor mill. Perhaps, this is a feud we get to see somewhere down the line. I assume we'll see it before we get those ice cream bars, at the very least.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Rey Mysterio

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    Talk of Rey Mysterio's retirement from professional wrestling seems to be at an all-time high as of late. Since his most recent knee injury, it appears even WWE has the feeling that it may be time for Mysterio to hang up his boots before he's in a wheelchair.

    Honestly, I think WWE may be on the right track here, considering Mysterio has been working an intense in-ring style since 1995. From ECW to WCW to WWE, Mysterio has been a human highlight reel everywhere he's gone. Still, it's time for the future. It's time to look at someone new.

    It's time to look at Antonio Cesaro.

    The United States champion, as I stated earlier is a world champion waiting to happen. He still could use some more seasoning, though. He's already toppled one former world champion in The Miz. Perhaps, it's time to add the "Ultimate Underdog" to his list.

    A feud between Mysterio and Cesaro for the United States Championship, I think, would be great for both men for several reasons.

    Cesaro has shown to do great work with smaller men in his matches against Kofi Kingston and Tyson Kidd. This gives him a big opportunity to show off his power and dominance—traits that will serve him well in the future.

    A feud between these two allows Mysterio a chance to win the United States title (which I think should happen in the feud) as a thank-you. Mysterio holding the belt would also make the title a little more important, as well as give Antonio an actual goal.

    Too long has he squashed opponents without anyone really stepping up (Truth and Gabriel did, but it's been a while). Having Cesaro on the hunt allows a new side of him to come to light, which will help when looking at future roles for him.

    For him to put away Mysterio in a career-threatening match would be a big feather in Cesaro's cap and would go a long way in ensuring his future as a main-eventer for years to come. And Mysterio can at least go out with a bang after a great match.

Rhodes Scholars vs. Hell No vs. Usos

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    How long has it been since we saw a good old-fashioned triangle tag team feud? Too long, if you ask me.

    Now that's a bit odd, considering we do have some pretty good materials for team building—along with a decent tag team division in general. So here I give you: The Usos vs. Hell No vs. Rhodes Scholars—many people's three favorite teams. We have a lot to work with here for a feud.

    We've got the obvious star power brought in by Hell No, the legit threat that is Rhodes Scholars and a team (one of a couple) that could actually carry this division if given the chance.

    These guys are no Hardys/Dudleys/Edge & Christian, but I'll be damned if we can't get a good match with these three teams—especially considering the number of stipulations we could see.

    Honestly, I think this would be a great feud.

    Hell No could figuratively pass the torch to Jimmy and Jey Uso to run the tag team division. Rhodes Scholars and Hell No are/were a bandage to help the division heal. The problem was, WWE forgot the bandage was there and kept it on too long. Said bandage has since come off in the swimming pool.

    Some people have called for a Rhodes Scholars WWE tag team title reign, but I think the time for that has come and gone.

    Really, Rhodes Scholars were meant to serve no other purpose than to point out how dysfunctional Team Hell No was and provide a contrasting and threatening team to the champions, thus making Hell No look even better. The Rhodes Scholars were essentially jobbers.

    The Usos are a mystery. Constantly overlooked for teams such as The New Nexus (David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty) and Air Boom for reasons I can't begin to fathom. Judging by those two teams, it couldn't have been charisma.

    You'd be hard-pressed to find a better tag-team duo in the ring. I think it's about time WWE stops playing games and lets The Usos show what they can do with the titles around their waists. They're ready.

Randy Orton vs. Ryback

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    Randy Orton is WWE's "Apex Predator." As a result, Logic dictates that Orton must be at the top of the food chain. Still, I think at least one superstar would disagree with that theory.

    The Juggernaut known as Ryback has made it his mission to dominate the WWE whenever possible. Taking former WWE champion CM Punk to the limit, Ryback has only rarely been denied his fill.

    With Mania on the rise, both Ryback and Orton may be in for big nights as Orton, along with Sheamus and The Big Show, look to shatter The Shield, and Ryback faces a buffet of pain and destruction courtesy of Mark Henry, as he tries to induct Ryback as the newest member of the Hall of Pain.

    Post-Mania though...there are many questions that need to be asked. With rumors of Randy's heel turn coming soon and WWE's want to push Ryback as a big name, I have to think that, sooner or later, both men will set their sights on the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I don't think you need me to tell you this, but when it comes to being World Heavyweight champion...there can be only one.

    Orton does his best work as a heel. Even his usually poor promo ability seems to come up a few notches when he's in a position he enjoys. Ryback has never been a big talker, so I think we'd be in for a very match-heavy feud.

    Ryback's cardio has often come under fire from fans, so perhaps, getting to work with a guy as smooth in the ring as Orton will help give Ryback a workout for those of you who are worried about such things.

Kaitlyn vs. Natalya

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    Watching Kaitlyn blows my mind every time. I remember when she was that no-talent joker from NXT who really only won because Vickie Guerrero, her pro, was such a great heat magnet—fans automatically loved her just for making fun of the woman.

    I remember laughing at the WWE pushing her as a power Diva. Then I look at her today, and I honestly think WWE has found the perfect woman to build the Divas division around.

    The buxom blonde seemingly has everything one would need to succeed in the WWE.

    She's got the power game (rare in Divas for the most part), she's attractive, she had impressive ring skills and she has some passable mic skills—arguably the best in the division for a face (not that there's much competition). The only thing missing...well, attention to the actual division, but that can't be helped.

    Enter Natalya. I like Natalya. She's got a similar look and build to Kaitlyn, and her training in The Dungeon has made her a favorite with fans. The former WWE Divas champion has had run-ins with Kaitlyn before; however a full-blown feud never really occurred between the two.

    This feud would do well for both women. It offers up the chance for both blondes to work on their flaws.

    As good as she is, there are still some kinks in Kaitlyn's ring work. She's good, but she can be great. Giving the "Thunder Diva" some time in the ring with a woman like Natalya could really help her smooth out her game.

    On the flip side, one thing nobody really talks about (and perhaps, this may be the very reason it's not discussed), is that Natalya isn't very good on the mic. Granted, she's never really had time to talk on the mic.

    Still, I distinctly remember her and former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix were on commentary once. I honestly couldn't focus on the match because the two were so bad at the table. Some promo time with Kaitlyn, I think will allow Natalya to find the right range for her voice and learn what she can and can't do as far as speaking goes.

    All that aside, I have to think the Thunder Diva and Queen of Harts could put on a great match. Give these gals 10 minutes in the ring. I have no doubt that they'll have fans asking for more.

Cody Rhodes vs. CM Punk

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    I remember I noticed something kind of interesting along the time CM Punk was just beginning his megastar rise.

    A lot of people were praising his ability to play different characters from the generic bad boy with a heart of gold that was "The Straight Edge Superstar" gimmick, to the creepy cult leader of "Straight Edge Society" Punk, which was redone slightly less creepy as New Nexus Punk, until we got "Best in the World" Punk.

    Not bad. It's rare you get someone able to play so many characters, but then it occurred to me that WWE may have someone similarly capable in young Cody Rhodes.

    From his humble beginnings as "The Uncommon Son of a Common Man," to his early heel days as one half of Priceless/one-third of The Legacy, we at least got to see that Rhodes can go either face or heel.

    Fast forward a bit and we get to "Dashing"...Cody Rhodes, which showed that Rhodes can even take something that's been worked to death in the narcissist persona and make it his own. This was before we got "Masked" Rhodes which is arguably Rhodes' best gimmick.

    With it, he showed he can be more than just a pompous pretty boy. He can be a dark, dramatic—almost tortured—soul the likes of which we haven't seen since Mankind.

    Fast forward a little bit more, and we almost have an amalgam of Dashing and Broken worked into a cooler, edgier, Rhodes. He's a little bent, but he's not broken if you see what I mean.

    The fact that these two can play a variety of characters, the fact that both men are able to get reactions from the crowds and the fact that they're both just really good talkers and wrestlers, makes this feud seem like a no-brainer to me.

    Cody may still have to sit on the bench, as far as the main event goes, but Punk will have to drop down for a bit following his return. Working the ring rust off while giving Rhodes a rub would be a good way to make a comeback, if you ask me.

Kane vs. Sheamus

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    Kane and Sheamus are probably two of the better wrestlers in the company right now.

    These two have crossed paths a couple of times over the past few years, but we've never seen The Fiery Red Head have an extended feud with The Big Red Machine called Kane. These two however, are prime picks to feud with.

    Sheamus and Kane, I think, actually could use this feud a lot more than they let on. That's because, I think, a feud between these two could bring out the best in both men—not unlike how Punk brings the best out of John Cena and vice versa.

    Kane has always been a very good worker, but people generally aren't as invested in Kane (it would seem,) when he's doing his more humorous characters. While they do genuinely draw laughs, I just feel Kane is at his best when he's more of a monster.

    I'm not speaking of total monster like "Embrace the Hate" Kane, but more the Kane we saw stalk and mentally torture Randy Orton. I actually think bringing back a masked Kane was a mistake, but what's done is done.

    Likewise, Sheamus has proven to be at his best when he's going full force at someone as his feud with The Big Show showed fans. The two tore the roof off Survivor Series and Hell in a Cell.

    I think that, as good as Sheamus vs. Show was, Kane vs. Sheamus would be an instant show-stealer on any night, because a methodical approach by Kane means a more physical approach from Sheamus, and Sheamus' words are best gotten across via punches, rather than promos.

Ryback vs. Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett and Ryback are two men who I could see holding world championships in the coming years. However, something I'd like to see a little bit more is a feud between the two superstars.

    Barrett and Ryback have a little history, and this is actually where I think the best part of the feud would come from. Surprisingly, it's the promos. It's a little shocking to hear a Ryback feud that involves promos; however, while he's no John Cena on the mic, I think he's still good enough for the upper midcard.

    As I said, though, I think the promos could be the best part because I think this would be a perfect time to shed a little more light on Ryback. Let's have Ryback acknowledge his past as Skip, instead of disregarding it.

    At Barrett's prodding, let's have Ryback maybe explain the name change as a way to separate himself from the monster that terrorized WWE as part of The Nexus. Barrett could even show promos about how destructive Ryback was as Skip and allow Barrett to play mind games with his former henchman.

    We've seen guys try to go one-on-one with Ryback from a physical standpoint, but never a mental standpoint. That is why I think Barrett could be the guy to actually make Ryback a star. People harp on the fact that faces are practically invulnerable, so let's change that with Ryback.

    We've got a masterful talker in Wade Barrett. He'd pretty much be the narrator, or even more specifically, a puppet master in Skip's head. Not only would that allow Barrett to have an advantage and potentially beat Ryback in matches, but it would help add a new dimension to Ryback.

    Suddenly, everyone's not thinking about his strength. They're thinking about his mental game.

    In the end, Ryback overcoming something like this could be his rocket to the main event as he'd be able to work on his promos along the way.

John Cena vs. Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter

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    To find something new for John Cena at this point is something of a struggle, but if there's one thing being a Cena fan has taught me, it's to never give up. So I didn't, and behold the answer: Jack Swagger vs. John Cena.

    At first glance, this may seem like nothing to a lot of people, considering Cena has beaten Jack a number of times in the past. However, he beat an All-American American. He hasn't beaten "The Real American."

    Cena and Swagger make interesting opponents.

    There have been times when Cena has come off as the "All-American Man." The pride he takes in being an American is on display as often as he kisses his dog tags and is in full force come Tribute to The Troops.

    In a sense, Swagger could be considered the "anti-Cena," as far as what it means to be an American. By now, we've all seen Swagger's new attitude. "If you don't look like us, GTFO." That's pretty much it.

    One would have to think that Swagger probably takes offense to how Cena conducts himself as an American. I could even see Zeb trying to recruit Cena for the cause. However, I do think that in the end, we'll get a pretty impressive feud between these two superstars.

    Cena brings it when the lights are on bright—there's no question, and Swagger is arguably the best amateur grappler in the WWE today. With Zeb and Cena going at it on the mic, I wouldn't worry at all about the promos regarding The CeNation vs. Jack Swagger's America.

In Closing

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    So, there you have it. A list of 10 feuds we could see somewhere down the road. A couple of them would require a heel/face turn, but I think some of these guys could handle it.

    However, here are a few other few ideas, as I had some other feuds in mind. Some of these will contain the same guys, but you're free to comment on these as well.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes

    Ryback vs. Daniel Bryan

    Tamina vs. Kaitlyn vs. AJ vs. Natalya

    Sheamus vs. Ryback

    Cesaro vs. Sheamus

    Rey Mysterio vs. Justin Gabriel

    Thanks for taking the time to read and hope you enjoyed the article.