Tiger Woods Is No. 1 Again and Girlfriend Lindsey Vonn Is Super Proud of Him

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 25, 2013

Photo Credit: Tiger Woods Facebook
Photo Credit: Tiger Woods Facebook

Tiger Woods is the No. 1 golfer in the world and is in a loving and committed relationship. The year is 2013. 

On Monday, Woods completed a comeback over two years in the making and one that took place at a tournament featuring tornado warnings as well as an audacious shot from the trees. 

As USA Today reports, Woods is once again the lone man atop the golf world, nabbing the No. 1 ranking for the first time in 29 months. 

Of course, Woods isn't an athlete who draws our attention for what he does on the court but who he is off of it—and whose company he keeps as well.

The strangest part of a bizarre weekend from Bay Hill is the sentiments we can now offer about Woods: He is solid on the course and is again in a happy relationship. 

Woods' biggest fan is the new woman in his life, alpine skier Lindsey Vonn

So wait, Woods is now the best golfer in the world and has a beautiful woman cheering him on from the gallery? The realization has a very real and very concerning discombobulation effect.  

Not sure what to expect now. I guess we better prepare for the rampant return of cassette tapes, grunge music and baggy pants.  

You remember when Woods was going to never regain his top-flight status as a golfer? Come on, you remember when he was just going to be an outcast and vilified sports star for the entirety of his career?

Back in 2009, Woods crashed his Escalade outside his home, which led to some humiliating allegations of the company Woods kept outside of his marriage. His extramarital affairs led to a divorce from his wife Elin Nordegren in August 2010. 

As life off the course was being destroyed, Woods' career was being torn apart as well. As the New York Times points out, he dropped to the lowest point of his career, a No. 58 world ranking. 

Through it all, Woods was seen as a guy who just couldn't get right physically and let the mental aspect of his private life hamper his game. 

There was Drew Magary in a 2010 New York Magazine article entitled "Tiger Woods is Finished" who wrote, "This scandal has messed with his brain, and every major he loses from now on means he has to think more and more and more about being The Guy Who (expletive) It All Up. No human being is immune to that kind of pressure. Woods used to be chasing something great, and now something very bad is chasing him."

There was also golf legend Greg Norman who offered something similar in September 2011. "Tiger, when he dominated, had a single-shot approach. It was only about the golf. Now there are so many distractions, and people are looking for things that are wrong with Tiger now, so he's got to deal with that on a day-to-day basis, like every other mortal has to do, right?"

Woods is now putting well, winning tournaments and making over $50 million a year in endorsements—granted well less than his figure from 2007, which topped $100 million. 

On Monday, Woods won but did so with a pep in his step of a man working under the comfort of romance.

I know, sickening. 

Remember, the couple made sure to splash their relationship on Facebook for all to see. It's an important fact because it means Vonn is ready to tie her image to that of Woods'. It's a pretty big turn from what she had to say about him a few years ago.

So up is down, left is right. Cats and dogs are essentially living together and Woods is back on top and enjoying life.

As weird as it sounds, we should all just get used to it. 


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