Liverpool Summer Transfers: Why Reds Should Definitely Not Sign Jackson Martinez

Karl Matchett@@karlmatchettFeatured ColumnistMarch 26, 2013

Liverpool Summer Transfers: Why Reds Should Definitely Not Sign Jackson Martinez

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    Liverpool find themselves filling the pages of the rumour sections of the media once more, and this time with a proposed move for FC Porto striker Jackson Martinez.

    Martinez is a player with pedigree and quality, no doubt, but is he right for the Reds?

    According to TalkSport, Liverpool are looking to battle with the likes of Manchester United, Juventus and AC Milan to prise him away from Portugal.

    Brendan Rodgers is building a squad of youthful, technically gifted players who offer a variety of solutions to opening up tough defences, so does Martinez add to that? Of course, there are plenty of other concerns to take into account too.

    There might not be too many disappointed fans if Martinez signs for Liverpool this summer—but perhaps he's not quite the right signing at this point.

    Here are four reasons why Rodgers should stay away from the Porto striker in the summer.

The Reported Fee

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    It's unknown how much money Liverpool will have spare to spend in the summer, but they should realistically be looking at being able to compete for quality players who are at reasonable prices.

    A £20 million, players shouldn't be difficult to find the money for, as long as they actually offer £20 million worth of talent. Of course, if they do, it's likely that Champions League sides will also be interested—and therein begins the problem of convincing them that Liverpool is the best option.

    There is also the question of which areas need most attention, and therefore the most money allocated to them.

    No specific fee is mentioned for Jackson Martinez, though the report claims he has a €40 million buyout clause which might need to be matched.

    In either instance, it is not likely Liverpool will want, or be able, to spend that kind of money on Martinez and lure him ahead of other potential destinations.

The Confidence Placed in Daniel Sturridge

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    Daniel Sturridge was brought in to Liverpool in January amid much discussion over whether he would start playing from the right or centrally, forcing top scorer Luis Suarez into a move.

    Sturridge has been played centrally and hit the ground running, scoring three times in his first three games. He has been somewhat interrupted by injuries since then, but has certainly shown already that he can be the man to lead Liverpool's front line into next season and beyond.

    Signing a big-money centre-forward in summer would likely give the indication that Sturridge no longer enjoys the full confidence of the manager, and that he might be forced into a wide role once more—or relegated back to the bench.

    At best, it could be seen as a signing for Sturridge to partner. At worst, it would be seen as replacing an outbound Luis Suarez.

    Having said that, there is little doubt Liverpool might need to sign another forward this summer to provide further depth and competition.

Right Player, Wrong Timing?

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    Liverpool are looking to bring in quality players of a relatively young age, without breaking the bank.

    A year ago, they could have signed Jackson Martinez from Jaguares for around £8 million. Less than one season later, his value has at least doubled and probably closer to trebled. Maybe he is worth the full whack, but he won't be the only one.

    Liverpool's job from now on is to buy smarter in the transfer window, to find the players when they are still at Jaguares, so to speak. Not let others do the finding, and then pay twice as much a year or two later.

    Martinez might have been the right player a year ago, when the Reds needed a striker badly and didn't want to pay over the odds, but now he is simply too expensive. There will be others out there, if Liverpool have the organisation in place to find them and the conviction in their abilities to sign them.

Somewhat One-Dimensional Approach to Play

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    One attribute in particular that Brendan Rodgers has looked for in his new signings, particularly attacks, is the ability to play in multiple roles.

    Not necessarily multiple positions—though that is, of course, another great form of versatility—but in performing their attacking duties in different ways.

    Martinez is very much a striker's striker; he loves to play on the shoulder of the defence and spin into the space behind, utilising pace and power to break through on goal and finish. While he is certainly excellent at doing this, and also has an aerial presence, he is not known for his contributions to buildup play, to dropping wide, to switching positions naturally with teammates.

    Much like Suarez and Sturridge have already shown an inclination to do, and Coutinho too.

    Martinez is a good striker, maybe even worth the massive transfer fee, but he's not the addition that Liverpool require this summer.