Fat Welsh Soccer Juggler Is Athletic Marvel the Entire World Will Appreciate

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 25, 2013

In a perfect world, there would be a video of an overweight football enthusiast juggling a soccer ball while Rihanna blares in the background. 

The world is indeed perfect. 

Deadspin (h/t SportsGrid) spotted this international wonder featuring what they report is a Welsh football fan juggling a soccer ball. 

NSFW language

That's it. There are no other intriguing details and no other important information other than the nationality of our football star here. 

It doesn't mean this video is any less mesmerizing. 

The video ends with our chubby pal just nailing the ball behind the building as if he is over this whole juggling business and he is going to get back crushing meat pies and Boddingtons.

It's almost as if that isn't even his ball, like he just happened upon the item and decided to get epic with it. 

The other stars of the show are the bros in the background who are just as thrilled with the sight as we are. 

As SportsGrid points out, the amused buddies decided to go with Rihanna for their listening pleasure, and it's a good thing. 

Like something you might order at a fancy dinner, there is something so remarkably balanced about this dish. From the fat guy maestro to Rihanna singing "We Found Love" to one of the guys offering this guy is "F***ing quality, son," this video is pure perfection. 

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