5 Former WWE Divas Who Should Return to the Company

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5 Former WWE Divas Who Should Return to the Company

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    With the return of the Bella Twins, WWE could look to bring back more former Divas.

    Pwmania.com reported that some former Divas were negotiating with WWE regarding a return. While Maryse and Kelly Kelly supposedly rejected offers by WWE, which former Divas should return?

    And what would their role be if they were to return?

    Maryse and Michelle McCool are both currently married or engaged to current Superstars. Former Diva Maria is dating a wrestler who recently had a WWE tryout.

    With that said, here are five former WWE Divas who should return to the company and the ideal role for each.


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    WWE certainly dropped the ball with Kharma, who could have changed the entire Divas division on her own.

    The Diva formerly known as Awesome Kong signed a contract with WWE in 2010, but her only match was being an entrant in the 2012 Royal Rumble match.

    Kharma has been wrestling on the independent scene since being released from WWE. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Pro Wrestling Syndicate in February in New Jersey.

    There is no reason why WWE shouldn’t consider bringing Kharma back. She could still change the division despite a number of the Divas from 2010 who are no longer with the company.

Beth Phoenix

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    Beth Phoenix left WWE just a few months ago, but, during her time with the company, she was always a top Diva.

    She is currently dating WWE Hall of Famer and former Superstar Edge, which is thought to have played a part in Phoenix leaving. Still, Edge is working on his acting career, so Phoenix should consider a return to WWE.

    If Kharma were to return as well, these two Divas would provide a dream come true match. Whether a face or a heel, Phoenix helped carry the Divas division for arguably the last three years of her tenure with WWE.


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    Maryse was released from her WWE contract in October 2011 after a career that included two Divas title reigns.

    She, like other former Divas, has been appearing on the independent scene, but not in a wrestling role. Maryse has been a commentator for FWE Wrestling in Brooklyn, New York.

    Maryse’s return to WWE would be quite logical, as she is currently engaged to WWE Superstar The Miz. The Awesome Superstar could use a push, and having his fiancée as his valet could help.

    Maryse was always known for her heel character, but now that Miz is a babyface, she would have the opportunity to show another side of her character.

Michelle McCool

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    Michelle McCool is a former Women’s and Divas champion who is currently married to WWE Superstar The Undertaker.

    While her husband only wrestles once a year now, McCool would make for a very interesting character if she joined him.

    McCool may not be interested, like many of these Divas, in returning full time. However, if she were to change her look to be more like The Undertaker in a Ministry of Darkness type of look, she could accompany The Undertaker to his matches. Perhaps it could lead to a match between McCool and one of the current Divas.

    If not, McCool could still make a suitable valet for her husband, The Undertaker.

Maria Kanellis

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    Maria Kanellis is currently performing all over the independent scene alongside her boyfriend, "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett.

    Maria spent six years in WWE before joining Ring of Honor, FWE Wrestling and other independent promotions. Bennett was one of the reported wrestlers who received a tryout with WWE last month.

    If Bennett were to make it to WWE, Maria could easily transition as his valet and rejoin the Divas division. Maria was primarily a babyface character in WWE, but she has thrived as a heel on the independent scene.

    The podcast network that I am involved with, ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com Radio spoke with both Mike Bennett and Maria on separate episodes.


    Which former WWE Divas would you like to see return to the company? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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