Trish Stratus Wants Lita to Induct Her into WWE Hall of Fame

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistMarch 25, 2013

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Seven-time former WWE women's champion Trish Stratus has spoken out and said she would like long-time friend and rival Lita to induct her into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The two women clashed many times during their tenure with WWE and became synonymous with the women's division. Lita was Stratus' last opponent before retiring at Unforgiven in 2006. is reporting that Stratus spoke with Scotland-based Ministry of Slam Radio, where they talked about who should induct her. Stratus said:

Funnily enough, before I done this interview, I put a poll on my website, asking who would my fans like to see induct me into the Hall of Fame. Lita won with a landslide, I would say, I can't disagree with that sentiment.

Stratus' official website,, ran the poll on March 18. Among the contenders were Lita, Stephanie McMahon, Lillian Garcia and Snooki. Lita won the poll with 74.1 percent. Christian was runner-up with six percent. 

It would be very satisfying to see Lita induct her long-time rival. Called the "Rock and Stone Cold" of the women's division by, the two women were the faces of the women's revival in the 2000s.

WWE Magazine went so far as to name their rivalry one of the 25 biggest of all time.

Both women took the idea of the WWE Diva and expanded on it by showing the women could be more than just eye candy. The two were so popular they main evented the Dec. 6, 2004 edition of Monday Night Raw. 

Lita defeated Stratus for the belt that night.

Between 2000 and 2004, Stratus and Lita either wrestled each other or teamed 43 times. In 2003, they teamed up to face the tag team of Chris Jericho and Christian. 

The old saying, "It takes two to tango," applies with these women. It was the intensity of their rivalry that set the WWE women's division on fire. The combination of their athleticism and storytelling set a higher goal for the other Divas that followed them.

While Stratus would go on to dominate the division more so than Lita, winning an unprecedented seven WWE women's titles, there is no other real way to separate the two. 

Lita was Stratus' friend, biggest rival and final opponent. It is only fitting she makes the induction.