Penn State Football: 5 Ways You Know You're a Penn State Fan

Colin Tansits@@colin_tansitsContributor IMarch 25, 2013

Penn State Football: 5 Ways You Know You're a Penn State Fan

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    Like many collegiate football programs, Penn State football has a loyal and historic following.

    The Nittany Lions have one of the highest game attendance rates in the nation.

    Obviously there are Penn State proud fans everywhere, whether they are previous alums or simply fans, and they all come together and descend on Happy Valley every fall.

    Every football team school has its own quirks and traditions that diehard fans swear by.

    Here are five things that you will know if you’re a Nittany Lion fan.

You Only Know 1 Curt Warner

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    Read carefully.

    This isn’t to say you don’t know of the Super Bowl-winning quarterback named Kurt from Northern Iowa.

    But for Penn State fans young and old, Curt Warner is a legend.

    Warner was a two-time All-American running back with the Lions and helped lead them to the 1983 national championship.

    Warner held the record in career rushing yards until 2010 when Evan Royster surpassed him.

    This guy is part of Penn State lore, and most fans know exactly who Warner was and what he did.

Knowing What a Nittany Lion Is

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    Although the term "nittany lion" isn’t the name of a specific species of lion, it comes from Mount Nittany.

    Most fans know that Mount Nittany is a landmark in State College and that the university is located in the Nittany Valley.

    The mascot is named after the mountain lions that used to roam through the valley.

    But of course most fans know this.

    A little bit of a stretch—nonetheless, Penn State fans know of Mount Nittany and the traditional mascot.

“We Are” Only Having 1 Response

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    The “We are” chant during football games in Beaver Stadium is one of the most iconic symbols of Penn State football.

    As the chant goes, one side of the stadium shouts “We are” and the other responds with “Penn State”.

    But this tradition isn’t only used during games.

    In fact when Penn State fans hear someone shouting “We are,” many think, if not respond with, “Penn State”.

    This cheer is a prime example of collegiate tradition and it has helps the university identify itself.

    On many Saturdays in State College, it is almost impossible to even utter the words “we are” without someone responding with, "PENN STATE!”

Being Able to Name Linebackers

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    Penn State hasn’t been given the name “Linebacker U” for no reason.

    As you know, the Nittany Lions seem to produce top-level linebackers yearly that have success at the next level.

    Even the novice Penn State football fan can name one past and present linebacker at Penn State.

    Paul Posluszny, Sean Lee, Lavar Arrington, Michael Mauti and the list goes on.

    You know you’re a Nittany Lion fan if you can name these guys, plain and simple.

Hating Michigan and Ohio State

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    It’s tough to forget October 15, 2005.

    If watching Chad Henne hit Mario Manningham for the go-ahead score with (literally) no time left on the clock doesn’t make a Penn State fan’s blood boil, I’m not sure what will.

    Both Michigan and Ohio State have been two of Penn State’s biggest games over the recent decade.

    Although Penn State doesn’t play for the Governor’s Bell or the Land Grant Trophy in these games, they are always high intensity.

    When the Nittany Lions are inviting either of these teams, expect Beaver Stadium packed.

    As a fan myself, I admit there is not much worse than a Buckeye or Wolverine fan.