NBA Bloggers Showing Their Elitist Sides During NCAA Tourney

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NBA Bloggers Showing Their Elitist Sides During NCAA Tourney
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Every year the NCAA tournament comes around, it seems as if we have the same argument over whether or not NCAA basketball is better than the NBA. This year, as with any other year, NBA bloggers get defensive for a few weeks.

This seems to be a pretty simple argument, but we hash it out year in and year out.

Is the NCAA a better product than the NBA? No, absolutely not. 

However, they have a more exciting tournament that draws people in during a dead spot in the sports calendar. Therefore, it becomes one of the most exciting events of the year.

Now, a single-elimination, 64-team tournament is no way to pick the clear-cut best team of the year, but it's fun, entertaining and will most likely yield one of a dozen very good, top-tier teams as the ultimate winner.

However, every year we get complaints like this one from those who put the NBA game above the NCAA, leading to a ton of defensive, sharp comments from each side of the aisle.

Is this actually true? Well for three weeks out of the year I would say yes, otherwise the NBA is obviously the more popular product.

NBA writers definitely know their stuff, they're generally good at evaluating the translation of talent to the next level, but there's a certain level of snark that peeks through during March Madness. 

As we start to get away from the rash of games starting every half hour, ending in waves and giving us a constant wave of excitement, the mentality starts to wane and everybody starts to think more clearly.

The problem is that there's such an exciting rush in the first four days of the tournament that NBA writers tend to let the hoopla amount to much more than it really is, which is a bunch of exciting basketball games happening all at once.

Of course, we tend to look at each side from a skewed perspective, especially since most people have their side picked out, but are capable of realizing the pros and cons for either league.

In the end it seems important that we all realize something: we all enjoy watching basketball, so do just that.

Everyone has their preference, regardless of whether one side is more exciting for a few weeks out of the year or if another side is a more high-end product, we can enjoy each side for different reasons.

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