Picking a Liverpool 5-a-Side Team from Their Current Squad

Mark Jones@@Mark_Jones86Featured ColumnistMarch 25, 2013

Picking a Liverpool 5-a-Side Team from Their Current Squad

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    Imagine if―in a not too unfamiliar attempt to make money―the Premier League launched a new competition which consisted of its current members picking five-a-side teams to play in a league.

    All of the teams currently in the division would be asked to pick a perfect five players to play in a team to take on all of the other sides in between the usual top-flight matches, offering up the opportunity for fans to see some of their favourites in a different light.

    Considering their relative lack of recent success, Liverpool might welcome such a move, given that it would offer up a chance for them to win a trophy.

    The question is, who out of the current Reds squad would make the cut in such a team?

    Here is a suggestion as to Liverpool’s perfect five-a-side lineup. Please let us know who’d make your team in the comments section below.

Pepe Reina

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    This is really a no-brainer, given that Pepe Reina is the No. 1 goalkeeper at the club. However, the Spaniard would also be a top-class stopper in the shorter form of the game due to his distribution skills.

    Reina’s shot-stopping has come under scrutiny from Reds fans in the past couple of years, but he’s still pretty agile and has saved Liverpool on numerous occasions during his spell at the club.

    As a five-a-side keeper, he would provide an intimidating barrier, and one that those in front of him can rely upon.

Daniel Agger

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    The Dane Daniel Agger is arguably one of the most stylish players in the Liverpool team―and that is before we even mention his tattoos.

    There are few better ball playing centre-backs in the Premier League or indeed anywhere else for that matter, and Agger would be crucial in the Liverpool five-a-side team due to his terrific passing ability and his capability to read a game from defence.

    As the anchor in this side, the Dane could prove to be great. 

Glen Johnson

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    England’s Glen Johnson plays as an attacking full-back in Liverpool’s usual 11-a-side team, and it is both his forward thinking and his defensive skills which will be appreciated here.

    Undoubtedly one of the best athletes in the Liverpool squad, Johnson can help Agger in the defensive aspects of the game as well as get forward and look to support Liverpool’s attack.

    The former West Ham, Chelsea and Portsmouth man would be an asset to most teams, and could certainly prove his worth in this one as someone who contributes to the team in vast amounts. 

Steven Gerrard

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    You simply have to find a place for Gerrard in any Liverpool team―be it one which invites historical comparisons between the club’s greats or this one, which is really just compiled for fun.

    The Liverpool captain’s passing abilities and his dead-eye shooting accuracy would both be used to great effect here, whilst his leadership skills would also be leaned upon as the team looked to exert its authority.

    Gerrard and Johnson would be looked upon as the eyes and the engine of the team, and the captain would no doubt lead from the front as the outfit sought to get on the front foot.

Luis Suarez

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    This is arguably an even bigger no-brainer than the inclusion of Reina. Luis Suarez’s inclusion is simply a must if this side were to have any designs on success.

    So much of Suarez’s game was honed during the small-sided games he played on the streets when he was a youngster in Uruguay, and combining that knowledge and know-how with his outstanding skills and abilities is what has made him the player he is today.

    No other five-a-side team would want to face him, but that can hardly be considered a surprise as he causes more than twice the amount of players countless problems every week.