5 Ways You Know You're an Oklahoma State Cowboys Football Fan

Ricky FrechCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2013

5 Ways You Know You're an Oklahoma State Cowboys Football Fan

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    The Oklahoma State Cowboys football program hasn't always been the most competitive in the nation, but they have typically been exciting, gaining more and more fans every year.

    That said, life as an OSU fan isn't always easy.

    The Cowboys are constantly seen as the Oklahoma Sooners' little brothers and have only recently been able to consistently put together winning seasons.

    All of that just makes their fanbase even more rabid, cheering for the Pokes like they have a chip on their collective shoulder.

    From the Paddle People to T. Boone Pickens, the Oklahoma State faithful make their presence known when teams come to Stillwater.

    Here are five ways to know that you bleed orange and black. 

You Know How to "Gundy"

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    Mike Gundy first took the Internet world by storm with his infamous "I'm a Man, I'm 40" tirade, but his most recent viral sensation is this entertaining masterpiece.

    The video showcases Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy's stellar dance moves during an after-game locker room celebration.

    In fact, Gundy's moves are so slick, there's a part two.

    As Oklahoma State fans, it's our duty to watch that video multiple times and then bust out "The Gundy" next time we hit the clubs. 

You Celebrate by Waving Your Arm Back and Forth

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    "The Waving Song" is the most easily recognizable of Oklahoma State's fight song trilogy.

    The song first began in 1908 as a part of the college's follies, but in 1941 it was made into the tradition that it is today.

    Fans stand and wave following every OSU touchdown in football, making it an integral part of the T. Boone Pickens Stadium experience. 

    If you ever catch yourself celebrating a big life moment with a wave of your arm, well, you probably love the Pokes.

The Final Score of 16-13 Means Something to You

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    Let us take you back to Bedlam football in 2001. 

    The Oklahoma Sooners were sitting pretty, ranked as the fourth-best team in the nation heading into the final week of the regular season.

    That week, their matchup was a homestand against the lowly 3-7 Oklahoma State Cowboys, a team they routinely squashed.

    However, there was Cowboy magic in the Norman air that night, as Oklahoma State was able to pull away with a miraculous 16-13 victory against their biggest rival.

    Not only was it one of the biggest Bedlam wins in school history, but it also saw the Pokes destroy the Sooners' hopes for a national title.

    All in all, not a bad day to be an OSU fan.

Your Last Name Is Woods

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    The Woods family made a huge impact on the Oklahoma State football program during the early part of the past decade.

    All three brothers starred as Cowboys, with Rashaun and D'Juan etching their names into the OSU record books as wide receivers.

    Donovan Woods wasn't quite the player his older brothers were in college, but the former quarterback flipped to safety in the middle of 2005 and was able to have a short NFL career.

    As far as talented families go, the Woods brothers rival the Selmons as the best from Oklahoma. 

Boomer Sooner Is Your Least Favorite Song

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    Much like the Oklahoma State Cowboys and "The Waving Song," the Oklahoma Sooners play "Boomer Sooner" after every single score.

    The problem is that their band also plays that tune after every first down, defensive stop, change of possession and everything in between.

    Seriously, do they not know any other songs?

    It's not so much that "Boomer Sooner" is a bad fight song; it's just that it's played so often, it almost makes your ears bleed.

    There are sure to be many other reasons you're an Oklahoma State football fan. Make sure to tell us about it in the comments below.