WWE News: WWE Releases One of Its Senior Referees

Gone Baby GoneContributerMarch 24, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Well, here we are, just two weeks away from the WWE's biggest event, and some strange news is coming from the company, as it appears it has released one of its most senior referees.

Now, normally this wouldn't be entirely shocking. However, we are right in the thick of WrestleMania season, so one would think the WWE would want all hands on deck and leave the releasing until after the pay-per-view.

That must not be the case, as PWInsider.com reports:

WWE has released Jack Doan. Doan was the second longest tenured referee on the WWE roster (behind only Mike Cioda) and had been with the company since 1991. We have not heard the reason as of this writing.

In a statement obtained by Bleacher Report responding to the PWInsider.com story, the WWE said, "We wish Jack well."

You may remember Doan from 2012's Jack Swagger-CM Punk match, where he appeared to have botched the ending to the bout. Apparently, Doan did not notice that Swagger had kicked out on a two-count and dropped the three, giving a clearly agitated Punk the win.

Ultimately, the WWE turned this into a storyline, so who knows if this was supposed to happen or if the company decided to make it one after the botch?

Doan was a solid referee that pretty much just did his job for the past 20-some-odd years.

In the end, we probably will never know what caused the WWE to release him. That being said, they must have had a good reason to. Otherwise, he would still be employed.