Indianapolis Colts 2013 Mock Draft: Building the Perfect 7-Round Draft

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IIMarch 27, 2013

Indianapolis Colts 2013 Mock Draft: Building the Perfect 7-Round Draft

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    The Indianapolis Colts and Ryan Grigson had an excellent NFL draft in 2012.  In 2013, they have the opportunity to have yet another solid class of rookies.

    Free agency has been busy for the Colts, as they’ve signed more than a few players.  Some of the guys picked up by the Colts include LaRon Landry, Gosder Cherilus, Erik Walden and Matt Hasselbeck.

    Now that a lot of major areas of concern have been addressed to some degree for the Colts, they are in an excellent position to draft exceptional talent over glaring team needs.  While there are still a few positions that could be strengthened, there doesn’t appear to be an area where the team is doomed like the offensive line was in 2012.

    With six picks in the 2013 NFL draft, the Indianapolis Colts have the opportunity to add some ideal players to their roster.

Round 1 Pick 24: Jonathan Cyprien, S, FIU

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    The Colts added Landry to play opposite of Antoine Bethea for next season, but the team has lacked a true impact safety since the days of Bob Sanders.

    The Colts will need to bring someone in that can make an impact at the position in the future while also providing immediate depth at strong and free safety.  Landry was able to play all 16 games for the New York Jets last season, but injuries hindered him the two previous years, only playing 17 total games in 2010 and 2011.

    Jonathan Cyprien is a guy who has skyrocketed up draft boards after an impressive Senior Bowl and combine workout.  He is a guy that isn't afraid to make a hit, breaking the Florida International record for career tackles with 365.  He is aggressive on run plays and does an excellent job sticking to the ball-handler, not letting them break a tackle.

    It's been a few years since the days of Sanders at safety, but Cyprien could be that next impact safety for the Colts.  He's projected to go a few picks before 24, but the Colts shouldn't hesitate to pick him up if he falls to them.

Round 3 Pick 86: Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State

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    While Donnie Avery wasn't the best option at wide receiver, his departure to the Kansas City Chiefs created a need for a No. 2 receiver on the team.

    T.Y. Hilton is certainly had a great season, but his size and speed make him a much more appealing at the slot receiver rather than the No. 2 spot.  

    Jim Irsay hinted at the fact that the Colts were looking for a receiver, but nothing has happened with that.  Unless they find a solid guy soon, they will need to look in the draft for their next weapon for Andrew Luck.

    Markus Wheaton is one of those guys that could be brought in to play opposite of Reggie Wayne.  While he is certainly isn't the biggest guy at 5'11'' and 189 pounds, he is certainly great pick in the third round.

    The skill set for Wheaton is great.  His track history is easily shown on tape with his impressive speed and quickness.  He does a great job at snagging balls that aren't thrown perfectly, which helps a guy like Luck who wasn't able to consistently throw perfect balls while under pressure.  Despite his height, he is actually quite strong and isn't afraid to go through a defensive back rather than around them.

    With the need for a No. 2 guy that could potentially replace Wayne after he calls it quits, Wheaton is certainly a very appealing option, despite being a projected third-round pick.

Round 4 Pick 121: Brandon Jenkins, OLB, Florida State

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    The addition of Erik Walden has been highly scrutinized due to his big contract and poor play with the Green Bay Packers last season.  While he will likely start at outside linebacker for the team, they could still certainly use a guy to play behind him.

    The draft this year is littered with pass-rushers, and Brandon Jenkins could be a guy that would fit perfectly with the Colts.  He played as a 3-4 outside linebacker at Florida State last season and would have no trouble in the Colts' defensive scheme.

    Jenkins is appealing due to his incredible pass-rushing ability.  He's an incredible athlete with very impressive speed to blow by offensive tackles.  He would have been a likely first-round pick last season, but he decided to return for his senior year.  Unfortunately, a Lisfranc injury cut his season short, and his draft stock has plummeted.

    While the injury is certainly a risk, the Colts would be getting an absolute steal in the fourth round by picking up Jenkins.  He could provide some serious depth to this team and add an intimidating pass-rushing presence to a team that struggled to consistently pressure opposing quarterbacks.

Round 6 Pick 192: Sam Brenner, OG, Utah

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    Donald Thomas will help the Colts's struggling offensive line, but there still isn't much depth on the line, especially at the offensive guard position.

    Sam Brenner from Utah is a guy that that could add some depth.  The Colts O-line was riddled with injuries, and an insurance policy would be important at the guard position.  

    He may not be the biggest or most athletic guard, but Brenner can hold his block in the passing game well enough, especially in a zone-blocking scheme.  He also has enough versatility to play offensive tackle if need be, but is clearly more comfortable as a guard.

    While it's unlikely that Brenner would come in and start, he would be able to provide some depth to a group of linemen that struggled to stay healthy in 2012.

Round 7 Pick 230: Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook

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    Vick Ballard and Donald Brown weren't the best players at the running back position, but they were solid enough considering the offensive line situation.  That being said, some very big names have come out of the draft in late rounds, and the Colts would be smart to try and hit a home run.

    Miguel Maysonet might be the best running back in the draft you've never head of.  He may only be 5'9'' and 209 pounds, but he has an impressive set of skills for a consistent running back.

    What makes Maysonet an appealing choice is his decisive running.  He doesn't hesitate and stutter at the line, he finds a hole and sticks with it.  He does a great job at finding holes and is very decisive in making one-cut runs.  

    Speed may not be a strength for Maysonet, so don't expect explosive plays.  However, his excellent vision and ability to fight for extra yards lets him consistently advance the ball four to five yards per carry.

    If the Colts want to find a sleeper in this year's draft, they can't go wrong with Maysonet.

Round 7 Pick 245 (compensatory): Collin Klein, QB/RB/TE, Kansas State

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    While the Mr. Irrelevant pick never makes much of an impact, it would be certainly interesting to see a Heisman Trophy finalist be selected by the Colts.

    It is uncertain exactly what position Collin Klein would play in the NFL, but the best-case scenario for him would be to play in Wildcat and pistol formations to throw off defenses.  

    Guys like Tim Tebow have at least played in NFL games, so there is a chance that Klein could find himself on the field for a few plays a game.  With Pep Hamilton now as the offensive coordinator, it wouldn't be surprising to see the recent Stanford OC throw in a few trick plays in the offense.

    As far as Mr. Irrelevant guys go, this could be the most famous one yet.  Who knows what Klein's future in the NFL will hold, but the Colts could draft in just to make things interesting.