WWE: William Moody Cause of Death Is Revealed

Christopher OlmsteadSenior Analyst IIIMarch 23, 2013


The WWE Universe is only about three weeks removed from the passing of William Moody, better known to fans as Paul Bearer.

The passing of Moody sent shock waves through the wrestling world. Moody is regarded by many as one of the greatest WWE managers of all time. His work alongside Undertaker, Kane and Mankind is sure to land him a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. 

According to a recent article on TMZ.com, Moody's cause of death has now been revealed. According to Moody's son Michael, the cause of death was a heart attack.

The article then goes on to state that Michael says the cause of the heart attack was "supraventricular tachycardia or SVT—a dangerously high heart rate." Michael said that Moody's doctors believe that he "had been struggling with SVT in the last few weeks of his life."

The sad part in discovering this is that, according to emedicinehealth.com, SVT is very treatable and the steps to prevent it are very manageable.

Emedicinehealth.com discusses a variety of treatment options when it comes to SVT. Some of those treatments include a special kind of massage, medication and the use of a pacemaker. The page also goes on to list a variety of techniques that can be used to get one through an SVT episode.

The site also lists a series of preventative measures that one could take to avoid SVT. Some of those measures include reducing stress, regular exercise and eliminating stimulants such as caffeine from your diet.

Although SVT is preventable and treatable, nobody knows the exact effect that it was having on Moody. At times, SVT can exist and the person who has it will not notice any symptoms. There are other times where the symptoms of SVT can be mistaken for indigestion, heartburn or stress. 

Hopefully, the Moody family is taking this news in stride as opposed to thinking they could have prevented it.

Moody is a legend in the business of professional wrestling. Through life or death, his effect on the business will be far-reaching.