WWE WrestleMania 29: 3 Firsts Fans Are Dying to See

SMG@sethguttAnalyst IIMarch 23, 2013

photo courtesy of wwe.com
photo courtesy of wwe.com

WrestleMania is the biggest WWE event all year and this year in particular, WWE fans could witness a number of firsts.

Two WWE Superstars are expected to make their debuts. It has already been announced that Big E Langston, along with Dolph Ziggler, will challenge Team Hell No for the tag team titles. Fandango is also expected to make his debut against Chris Jericho, but that match has not been made official yet.

Langston’s tag team partner, Ziggler, has the opportunity to make history also with a first of his own.

Let’s take a look at each first that fans are dying to see occur at WrestleMania 29.


Big E Langston’s Debut

Big E Langston is the current reigning NXT champion in WWE, but he is also a member of the main roster. Langston has the role of bodyguard to Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee, and has been such since the December 17th edition of Raw. Since that time, fans have only witnessed Langston attacking Superstars on behalf of Ziggler and Lee.

However, at WrestleMania 29, Langston will make his main roster in-ring debut in the tag team title match. He will team with Ziggler against champions Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Big E will not only make his main roster debut at WrestleMania, but he could win his first main roster title as well.


Fandango’s Debut

Fandango, formerly known as Johnny Curtis, has yet to make his in-ring debut, but that could change at WrestleMania 29. For weeks, Fandango has refused to wrestle due to the ring announcer or opponent failing to pronounce his name correctly.

According to WrestlingInc.com, Fandango will supposedly be facing Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29. The feud has begun to unravel through a backstage segment on Raw and an attack by Fandango on SmackDown.

While WWE fans are dying to see Fandango make his return, wouldn’t it be hilarious if he refused to wrestle at the show of shows?

Jericho has been his genius self while making fun of Fandango. It was especially funny when he asked Fandango about purchasing movie tickets. While Fandango.com may not be as popular as it once was, hopefully fans caught on to the joke.

Hopefully, for the sake of WWE fans, Jericho pronounces Fandango’s name correctly and we finally witness the debut at WrestleMania 29.


Dolph Ziggler Cashing in Money in the Bank

While Dolph Ziggler’s cashing in of his Money in the Bank briefcase will not be the first time someone cashes in, it will be the first time someone does at WrestleMania.

Ziggler has been holding that briefcase for eight months, which means he doesn’t have much more time to cash in. Ziggler could make history at WrestleMania 29 if he leaves MetLife Stadium as the World Heavyweight champiom and one-half of the WWE tag team champions. He will be the first Superstar ever to cash in at the biggest event of the year.

As someone who will be attending WrestleMania this year, I am personally dying to see it happen. I was in attendance for WWE TLC 2012 hoping for Ziggler to cash in then. I have one final opportunity to witness Ziggler’s cash in and I am sure other WWE fans are dying to see it happen at WrestleMania 29 as well.

Which first are you dying to see? Will Ziggler cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase at WrestleMania 29? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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