Batista Talks with Triple H at Recent WWE NXT Taping

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIMarch 23, 2013


Batista had a five-year run as one of WWE's top stars from WrestleMania 21 to WrestleMania XXVI.

Now, weeks before the 29th anniversary of the event, he was seen backstage at a recent NXT taping in Florida.

He was there to film an interview for an upcoming and previously unannounced Triple H DVD. It was noted that he was seen talking to his former mentor prior to the interview.

As mentioned, Batista was one of the industry's biggest stars until he quit in May 2010 and stated that he left due to his disliking the direction the company was going in.

Despite that, many have speculated he would one day make a return. He himself stated that he'd return once the PG era "blows over."

This raises the obvious question: was the interview for the aforementioned DVD the only business he attended to on his visit and chat with Triple H? Could we potentially see the return of The Animal anytime soon?

Probably not. 

With CM Punk and The Rock around, the current product isn't as squeaky clean as it was a few years ago, but the PG era is certainly still in full force.

Not only that, but it's likely that Batista would prefer to concentrate on his blossoming acting career. He also made a successful MMA debut late last year, so don't count on him to give up MMA or to try to juggle it with WWE.

With all that said, few people expected to see Brock Lesnar return to the ring after conquering the octagon, but that ended up happening.

Would you like to see Batista return to the WWE? If so, who would you like to see him face? Let us know in the comments section below.

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