Pick-Up Basketball Game Gets Cheese-Filled Play-by-Play Treatment

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As it turns out, you can make a regular pick-up basketball game fun to watch. 

Deadspin spotted this video brought to you by the folks over at HooplaHa, a website whose motto is "Life with a smile."

Um, I don't disagree. 

The premise is simple. Two guys pick up a couple of microphones, an amplifier and some audacious suits and they get themselves to a local basketball court. 

From there, they deliver some of the cheesiest basketball play-by-play imaginable, and it's fantastic. "You know it's usually brunch time for most people at this time of a Sunday, but it's crunch time for these folks here on the courts."

Anyone who has ever played in a pick-up game understands there is a healthy supply of the usual characters. There is the old dude who was a star in high school and thinks he is Kobe Bryant. There is the fashion dude who shows up with knee braces, wrist bands, head bands and new sneakers. 

Oh, and there is "I am totally going to wear an official jersey" bro who, thankfully, makes an appearance in this video. 

What we have never seen is any of these games get a real play-by-play treatment. Judging by the reactions, neither have these weekend warriors. 

Well, boys. We now need the same thing at a random flag football game in the park or a local Little League game. 

I am sure the reactions will be just as priceless. 

Twitter is where it all goes down. 

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